ACA IGNITE 2023: Innovation, Compliance and Technology Sessions Ahead

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03/07/2023 3:50 P.M.

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At ACA International’s 2023 IGNITE event in Las Vegas March 22-24, the focus is on growth and expansion—for your mindset and your business. Check out this year’s sessions on the agenda, including new lessons on igniting innovation, compliance best practices, technology tips and much more.

Information on registration is available on the ACA IGNITE webpage.

Create and Implement What’s Possible 

Be part of the growth-mindset conversation with the industry’s best minds, as they share what’s coming over the horizon.

Bring your team together with colleagues and experts to share experiences, thoughts and ideas. Only through conversations with curious, like-minded people can you truly begin to innovate, and we’ve designed IGNITE to bring you just that.

If you’re ready to optimize your collection efforts and increase revenue, you won’t want to miss these sessions at IGNITE:

Igniting Innovation: Solving the ARM Industry’s Challenges

Are you looking for innovative solutions to the challenges facing your organization and the ARM industry? Join Harry Strausser III, president of Applied Innovation Inc., for a dynamic session where he will discuss current trends and challenges, identify common pain points and brainstorm creative solutions.

This interactive session will leave you with tangible solutions you can implement right away.

Compliance in Debt Collections 

As compliance in the debt collection industry becomes increasingly complex, it is more important than ever to stay up to date on the latest developments and best practices. This session, led by Porter Morgan, partner at Martin Lyons Watts Morgan PLLC, is designed to provide you with the knowledge and skills you need to manage compliance in your organization successfully.

Bananas Ahead! Don’t Let the Unexpected Slip You Up

This course, led by John Bedard, owner of Bedard Law Group, P.C., is designed to help you understand how to effectively manage compliance risk in a complex and constantly evolving regulatory landscape.


  • An overview of the regulatory landscape and the challenges of complying with laws and regulations that have assumed behaviors or are not specifically defined.
  • A review of past cases with rulings based on assumed behaviors or ambiguous definitions.
  • A discussion of the regulatory landscape and how to build a compliance management system that predicts the unpredictable.
  • An opportunity to brainstorm with your peers to identify potential risks and opportunities in the future and develop strategies for managing them.

Check out the rest of the IGNITE sessions on the event page. 

ACPAC Event: College Throwback Nightcap 

In celebration of March Madness, wear your favorite college gear (either your alma mater or a favorite NCAA team) and stop by for a night cap and games with ACPAC, ACA’s political action committee. Beer, wine and appetizers will be provided, with additional beverages available for purchase. Tickets for this event are $65 per person.

The ACPAC event is hosted by Connect International and supported by TCN. If you would like to sponsor this event, please contact ACA at [email protected]

Dinner with Strangers

This popular networking dinner pairs you up with a small group of attendees to dine at a local hot-spot. RSVP is required and you’ll pay for your own dinner at the restaurant.

Add Level Up Leadership Experience to Your Registration

Add to your IGNITE experience by registering for ACA’s Level Up Leadership Experience—the only leadership training event specific to the ARM industry. Learn more at ACA’s Level Up webpage. 

Those registered for IGNITE will receive the special discounted rates of $499 for members or $965 for nonmembers.

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