ACPAC and Political Action

Amplifying ACA’s Voice on Capitol Hill

ACPAC is the voluntary, bipartisan political action committee (PAC) for ACA International. It is the only PAC that represents the entire accounts receivable management (ARM) industry in our nation’s political system.

Candidate Fund


The ACPAC Candidate Fund is ACA International’s bipartisan political action committee.

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For more information please contact ACPAC at [email protected].

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Administrative Fund

(Personal or Corporate)

A trade association may accept unlimited transactions from its corporate members to defray any administrative or fundraising costs associated with its PAC. The Administrative Fund can be supported through personal or corporate transactions.

To learn more about ACPAC and its activities, please log in below.

For more information please contact ACPAC at [email protected].


2022 Midterm Election Countdown


Get Out The Vote

Elections are critical. ACA uses all of the tools at its disposal to give members a stronger voice in the legislative process. Helping  by providing resources to help them make educated decisions. Winning victories for business must still be done the hard way – vote by vote.

Each year, Americans get the opportunity to vote for the men and women who represent us in government. Whether local, state or federal, every election is important and can make a big impact on our industries.

Below are some helpful resources for ACA members to explore prior to the General Election.

Frequently Asked Questions

ACPAC helps raise ACA’s profile on Capitol Hill and allows us to build connections with candidates who recognize the role the collection industry plays for the financial services ecosystem. It provides financial assistance to political candidates who support a sound pro-business philosophy and responsible positions on issues of concern to the ARM industry. ACPAC is bipartisan, contributing to both Democratic and Republican candidates in the U.S. House of Representatives and U.S. Senate. The PAC does not contribute to candidates in connection with U.S. presidential elections.

Under Federal Election Commission regulations, ACPAC must receive prior approval before soliciting political contributions from ACA International members. This permission is granted by the chief executive officer or certified representative to ACA from member companies. By signing the APAC Prior Approval Form, the CEO or other Senior Executive (e.g. President, etc.) designates ACPAC as the sole political action committee authorized to solicit their employees. A company may grant prior approval for up to five (5) years at a time and may withdraw its authorization at any time.

ACPAC is governed by and in full compliance with all Federal Election Commission laws and regulations.

ACPAC is overseen by a committee of top executives from small and large agencies in the ARM industry representing ACA’s diverse membership across the country.

2021 – 2022 ACPAC Committee Members


Get In Touch

ACPAC staff is always available to answer questions about our political initiatives.

Should you have questions about ACPAC or the Administrative Fund please contact us for information.

[email protected]


509 2nd St., NE
Washington, D.C., 20002

Contribution Mailing Address
3200 Courthouse Ln.
Eagan, MN 55121-1585

Advocacy Team

[email protected]

Contact for input on federal regulations and legislation as well as general advocacy resources.

Andrew Madden

Vice President of State Unit and Government Affairs

[email protected]

Contact for state advocacy and legislation resources and state unit involvement.

Katy Zillmer

Director of Public Affairs

[email protected]

Contact for advocacy resources, assistance on meeting with legislators and media inquiries.

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