ACA International Governance

The Member Leadership Bodies and Association Documents that Govern and Guide the Association 

ACA International is governed by its Council of Delegates and Board of Directors. Much of the association’s critical work is accomplished through member committees. ACA has a variety of key governing documents, including a strategic plan, Bylaws, and Standard Operating Procedures.

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Strategic Plan

In addition to our mission, vision, and values, the Board of Directors has adopted a strategic plan for the association. The plan, which is updated every three years, sets the strategic direction for and guides the work of the association. The current strategic plan was initially approved by the Board of Directors Dec. 9, 2020, and runs from 2021 through 2023.

The ACA strategic plan is comprised of the following five goals:

  • Maintain our advocacy leadership for the industry at the state and federal levels.
  • Proactively combat litigious attorneys and meritless legal claims.
  • Strengthen ACA education and professional development resources.
  • Optimize ACA’s governance and organizational structure.
  • Pursue strategic partnerships with related organizations.

ACA Board of Directors

The ACA International Board of Directors governs the property, affairs, activities, and concerns of the association in a manner consistent with ACA’s shared vision, mission, values and strategic plan goals. It ensures effective organization planning and adequate resources, legal and ethical integrity, and maintains accountability.

Council of Delegates

The ACA International Council of Delegates is the representative body responsible for:
  • Electing directors to serve on the ACA International Board of Directors
  • Receiving, reviewing, recommending, and approving amendments to the association’s bylaws
  • Receiving, reviewing, and conveying other business of the Council, including association reports
Each Unit follows its state or multi-state association bylaws for electing Council representation. For the Division members of ACA International, read more about the election process below.
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ACA Elections

2023 Board of Directors Campaign Information and Position Description: ACA will seek candidates for open seats on the 2023–2024 ACA International Board of Directors after Feb. 1, 2023. Find info about the position below: 

BoD Position Description & Info

2023 Board of Directors Candidate Application: Interested candidates will be invited to submit a completed application by March 3, 2023. The ACA International Council of Delegates will meet in July 2023 to elect Directors for three (3) open seats for three-year terms. 

BoD Candidate Application 

2023 Council of Delegates Campaign Information: ACA will seek candidates to serve and represent their Divisions (Affiliate, Attorney, Creditor, International) on the Council of Delegates after Feb. 1, 2023. Find info about the position below: 

CoD Position Description & Info

2023 Council of Delegates Candidate Application: Interested candidates will be invited to submit a completed application by March 3, 2023. The application form will be posted after Feb. 1, 2023. Division representatives are elected by fellow Division members via electronic balloting in Spring with results announced in late Spring. The Council of Delegates holds its 2023 annual meeting in July, in conjunction with the ACA Annual Convention. 

CoD Candidate Application

ACA International Holding Company

ACA International owns 100% of the stock of ACA International Holding Company Inc., the corporate structure that houses the association’s taxable activities and protects its tax-exempt status. In turn, ACA International Holding Company owns 100% of the stock of the for-profit ACA International Enterprises Inc. and Collectors Insurance Agency Inc. subsidiaries. These three for-profit organizations are governed by their own Board of Directors composed of the three officers of the ACA International Board of Directors and four at-large ACA members.


Approximately 150 members engage in the work of the association by serving on committees. The ACA International Board of Directors may create (or eliminate) committees as provided in the association’s bylaws and standard operating procedures.

The Board adopts the Committees’ Charters, which describe each group’s purpose, makeup, objectives, powers, and requirements. ACA has Board committees (charter pages 3-9) and member committees (charter pages 8-29), which includes advisory councils.

The Committee Participation Policy guides those who are serving on an ACA committee as a member or chairperson.

Volunteer to Serve: Each spring, ACA solicits expressions of interest from members interested in serving on a committee.



The rules governing the association’s internal affairs. The ACA International Bylaws are amended from time to time with approval of the Board of Directors and Council of Delegates.

Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)

The written instructions that effectuate the Bylaws and achieve uniformity of the performance of a specific function. ACA’s SOPs may be amended from time to time with approval of the Board of Directors.

Standard Operating Procedures

Member Code of Conduct

ACA International members have committed to governing their industry activities in harmony with the Code of Conduct. Sometimes ACA receives reports of member activity alleged to be incompatible with the Code of Conduct. Such reports are reviewed by the Ethics Committee consistent with the procedures outlined in the Ethics Committee Review Rules. The review process provides an opportunity for members to receive notice of the concern, examine problems, resolve disputes and act when circumstances prompt change.

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