It’s Here: Key Performance Metrics Exclusive to ACA Company Members

Data Collection for 2023 Quarter 1 Begins June 12.
2022 Q4 Data Will Be Released June 12.

Always wanted to be a part of a benchmarking group? Now’s your chance. Introducing a new way to get reliable, consistent ARM industry data to help you steer your business in the right direction.

ACA’s Benchmarking Intelligence database provides critical market information for our members. This new self-service tool allows U.S. member companies to compare their own performance against a variety of other participating member companies on an anonymous basis to help guide your strategic decision-making, with the hopes of enabling even greater profitability.

This service is only available to ACA members and comes with no additional fee. Only companies that participate will be able to access the benchmarking data. Quarterly comparison reports are free to participating members. Aggregated, trended data will be used to support ACA’s advocacy efforts in a number of ways, including to mitigate unwise ideas proposed from regulators and legislators.

ACA members who agree to participate in the Benchmarking Intelligence database will be provided with training on how to input and access their data as well as how to view de-identified data in comparison to others.

<strong>David Williams</strong>
David WilliamsPresident & CEO
Williams & Fudge
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“We are very excited to be able to help members benchmark against other agencies. Data is powerful and leads to good business decisions that can save expense and drive revenue. The incredible work of ACA staff to identify an outside organization that allows for the data to be completely confidential is key to making this a successful endeavor for ACA and our members.”
<strong>Tim Haag</strong>
Tim HaagPresident
State Collection Service
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“Benchmarking has been a big part of our business over the past 20+ years. It has led us to growth and a lot of success. In fact, my father was invited to join one of the first benchmark groups in this industry. That’s why I know that the Benchmarking Intelligence database that ACA leadership has been working on for the past two years is going to be a game changer for all that participate. I have been a part of the beta testing and have seen the system work, and that’s why our company will continue to participate in this new product offering at ACA.”
<strong>Ted Smith</strong>
Ted SmithChief Operating Officer
ACA International
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“In my 35+ years with ACA, this is one of the most valuable services that ACA has ever offered its members. Our member services team continually gets calls from members seeking comparative collection agency operational data. With Benchmarking Intelligence, ACA company members who participate will have this information at their fingertips on a quarterly basis.”
<strong>Jessica Hartmann</strong>
Jessica HartmannVice President of Member Experience
ACA International
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“ACA’s member services team frequently receives requests from members asking for industry data. I’m thrilled that not only will we be able to provide a resource to meet this member need, but also by the fact that the platform is so dynamic. The data will be current and members will be able to pull reports based on their own needs. And best of all, it’s a free service and will enhance the value of ACA membership for all who participate.”
<strong>Paul Sachtleben</strong>
Paul SachtlebenPresident
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“ACA’s Benchmarking Intelligence database is a big step for our industry. It gives us a valuable set of authentic statistics to further our advocacy efforts but is also an invaluable tool in managing our business. It highlights where we need to focus our improvement efforts and gives us confidence when selecting production targets. ACA has gone to great lengths to make sure the data provided is secure and anonymous so participating in the benchmarking program is a low-risk benefit.”

If you want to participate, reach out to ACA’s Member Services team here to request access.

Once you have completed the appropriate paperwork, click on the Continue button below to go to the secure third-party benchmarking platform.

To learn more about ACA’s Benchmarking Intelligence, please log in.

Learn More About ACA’s Benchmarking Intelligence Database

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