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ACA gives you access to a wide array of resources to help you become more profitable, compliant, and successful. ACA has tools you won’t find anywhere else. Our diverse membership includes collection agencies, debt buyers, attorneys, creditors, and industry vendors. Find your ACA member type and apply today.


Five Types of Membership and Benefits

For businesses or law firms that perform services such as third-party debt collection, third-party debt collection litigation, billing and outsourced first-party debt collection, asset buying, or judgment recovery and are located in the 50 United States.

For businesses or individuals who work for a company that only contacts consumers regarding debt their company originated or owned before it was in default.

For attorneys professionally engaged in legal representation of creditors or businesses engaged in accounts receivable management, such as collection agencies. These firms are not collecting consumer debt, including via litigation, on behalf of others.

For companies whose primary business is to supply goods or services to the accounts receivable management industry and who don’t contact consumers.

For businesses or individuals that perform services such as third-party debt collection, third-party debt collection litigation, billing and outsourced first-party debt collection, asset buying, or judgment recovery and are located outside of the 50 United States, including U.S. territories.

If none of these categories describe you, please contact ACA regarding your role within the accounts receivable management industry.

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Additional Applicant Information and Resources

Collector Magazine and ACA Daily

Take a peek at some of the industry issues we’re talking about with our members. Read ACA International’s award-winning Collector magazine for in-depth coverage of critical issues to help members grow their business. Subscribe to our newsletter, ACA Daily, to get the latest accounts receivable management industry headlines each business day.

Meeting a Higher Standard

Working with members of ACA International provides assurance that your accounts will be handled by a debt collection specialist who is ethical, professional, and qualified to provide the high level of service your business deserves.

Special Resources for Attorney Members

Members Attorney Program: As an attorney working for an accounts receivable management business or a creditor organization, you have the option of also participating in ACA’s attorney-only program, which provides resources to help you better represent your employer. Activate this option by filling out and returning the MAP Participation Form.

Attorney State Chair Program

Attorney members can apply to be a legal resource for their local state/regional ACA unit. Attorneys benefit by broadening their knowledge and network, and unit members benefit by getting access to respected industry resources.

Testimonials from Members of The Association of Credit and Collection Professionals

Membership Directory: Find Members of the ACA International Membership Association

This great resource lists most ACA members. A search feature helps potential clients and fellow ACA members locate your company. Listings are complimentary and include a direct link to your website.

Member Directory
The Hub Community

The Hub: A Place for Questions, Answers, and Ideas from ACA Members

ACA’s dynamic discussion groups provide the tools you need to communicate with leaders and partners in your field.

ACA State/International Units: Independently Incorporated Associations

ACA’s affiliated U.S. Units are independently incorporated associations covering one or more states. They serve members as the local industry resource for information, education, state legislative advocacy, and more. ACA’s International Division helps members exchange information and ideas with other accounts receivable management industry professionals, both at home and abroad.

Active participation in your local unit is the best way to build business relationships and establish a personal network of people with whom you can discuss trends and ideas and collaborate on common concerns that benefit your ability to conduct business in your state.

Member Awards

Member Awards: Acknowledging Individuals Dedicated to the Industry

ACA’s annual awards recognize many of the association’s outstanding members who have selflessly devoted their time and skills to advance the accounts receivable management (ARM) industry. Receiving an ACA honor symbolizes a member’s commitment to the association and to the ARM industry.

Membership FAQs: Common Questions Asked by Members

A list of frequently asked questions about ACA membership, advocacy, insurance, compliance, publications, and more. If you don’t find the answer to your question here, please send us a message or use the chat function on this page.


Volunteer Opportunities: Get Involved

ACA International is a member-driven association that offers many opportunities for members who wish to volunteer their time and talent to improve their professional association and the accounts receivable management industry.

Alliance ACA: A Collaborative Program Developing Strategic Alliances

We have solutions for you! ACA International’s Alliance ACA program develops strategic partnerships with industry vendors, so members can get discounts and enhanced offerings on critical services and products.

Sponsor/Advertise with ACA

Opportunities to Engage with ACA Members

Exhibit and Sponsor at ACA’s Main Events

Through exhibits, sponsorships, and advertising, you can show ACA members what services you offer to help them succeed. Reach out to us today to customize a package for your company.


Contact Member Services at (800) 269-1607 and press zero or send us a message.