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Attorney Division membership enables licensed attorneys engaged in legal representation of creditors or accounts receivable management businesses (such as collection agencies) to better represent their clients.

Please Note: When attorneys or law firms are engaged in the collection  of consumer debt, including via litigation, on behalf of others, they must apply for Company membership—and are ineligible for Attorney Division membership.

If you are eligible for this new division, you will find it is a flexible membership suited to your needs—you may join individually or add additional members by joining as an organization. For example, the first level of attorney-organization membership covers up to 24 attorneys working for the same firm, regardless of location. 

To apply today, select the application link below. ACA’s membership year is Jan. 1 – Dec. 31. If you apply mid-year, you still pay full annual dues. If a prorated credit applies when your membership is made effective, it will be reflected on your next year’s renewal invoice. Memberships approved during the fourth quarter (after Oct. 1) will include the remaining weeks of this year at no additional cost and are good through the Dec. 31 of the next membership year.

Collector Magazine
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Membership Benefits

Attorney Division membership* enables licensed attorneys engaged in legal representation of creditors or accounts receivable management businesses (such as collection agencies) to better represent their clients.

* When attorneys or law firms are engaged in the collection of consumer debt, including via litigation, on behalf of others, they must apply for company membership—and are ineligible for Attorney Division membership. (However the same benefits listed below are also available to attorneys connected to ACA via firm-based “company” memberships!)

The Hub
Build community and connect with your colleagues in the attorneys-only (MAP) interest forum. The Hub is a place forknowledge exchange, content curation, idea incubation and professional networking. Learn more at

Stand Out as an Attorney State Chair
This program provides ACA’s affiliated U.S. units with access to an attorney licensed to practice law in their state(s). These attorneys take calls, work with  units to provide member education and are available as legal resources and referral attorneys, as their schedules permit. A call for volunteers is issued annually.

Collector Magazine
ACA International’s award-winning bimonthly Collector magazine, the accounts receivable management industry’s premier publication, gives attorney members in-depth coverage of critical issues to help navigate this ever-changing industry.

Compliance Resources
24/7 access to document libraries designed to help you traverse the ins and outs of Reg F, the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, Fair Credit Reporting Act, Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, and various state statutes.

Member Directory
The online Member Directory is a searchable database of contact information for ACA members. This invaluable tool provides members with quick and easy access to a global network of ARM industry professionals.

Sponsor the Daily Decision
Every business day, our ACA Daily e-newsletter reports on the most important legal items hitting our industry. Our Daily Decision legal recaps are the most-read sections of ACA Daily. Advertise your firm by sponsoring this popular section. Read more about this opportunity in our media kit.

Alliance ACA
Alliance ACA is ACA’s affinity program where businesses partner with ACA International to offer special rates and services to ACA members in an effort to give each member the advantage to succeed.

There’s a real need for attorney professionals who understand the complexities of today’s accounts receivable management industry. ACA provides the right training and events to build your network and earn CLEs. Members can participate at rates significantly less than those charged to the public.

Designation Programs
ACA International professional designation programs are recognized on a national and international level as marks of distinction and excellence throughout the accounts receivable management industry. Each program offers time-tested courses with a proven curriculum designed by ARM industry professionals. Stand out by earning a Credit and Collection Compliance Officer (CCCO) or Credit and Collection Compliance Attorney (CCCA) designation through ACA.

Live and Recorded Hot Topic Webinars
Offered multiple times each month, these webinars feature invited speakers (like you) to discuss trending issues. You will find these sessions essential for staying on top of the ever-changing regulatory environment as well as an exciting way to learn from peers and industry experts.

Face-to-Face Events
We’re stronger when we’re together. Maximize your membership value by participating in the conversation at one of our face-to-face and online opportunities to learn, network and find peers and mentors. Select ACA face-to-face events offer the opportunity to earn CLE credits.

Our major events include:

  • Convention & Expo
  • Fall Forum & Expo

As an attorney member of ACA, you will have priority access to all our latest legislative and regulatory work including briefings, publications, responses to consultation papers and much more.

Telling Our Shared Story
Our industry recovers billions of dollars in debt annually that would otherwise be lost, protecting jobs and access to credit for businesses and consumers. As the voice of the industry, ACA carries this message of value to business leaders, consumer advocates and policymakers. Through media interviews, presenting a positive image of the industry and responding to inaccurate media coverage, ACA strives to set the record straight and build appreciation for credit and collection professionals’ valuable contributions.

Protect Your Interests on Capitol Hill
With its federal government affairs office and full-time staff in Washington, D.C., ACA advocates for you on Capitol Hill every day. The association lobbies, educates and promotes the essential role played by its members. ACA keeps abreast of pending federal and state legislation and regulations affecting your ability to effectively represent your clients.

ACA International Education Foundation
This nonprofit, public education foundation is dedicated to operating a scholarship program and other activities of value to the credit and collection industry as a whole.

Alliance ACA
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Alliance ACA

Membership Dues & Fees

Membership Level Membership Fees Total
Individual Membership Dues = $352 + IAF** = $108 $460
Tier 1 (2–24) Dues = $705 + IAF** = $217 $922
Tier 2 (25–99) Dues = $1,997 + IAF** = $487 $2,484
Tier 3 (100+) Dues = $4,112 + IAF** = $975 $5,087

**The Industry Advancement Fund assessment is paid by all members. The industry-favorable laws and precedent-setting court decisions ACA obtains through the IAF in the U.S. impact, in turn, global credit and collection trends and laws, and help protect the long-term viability of the industry. 

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