ACA How: Reg F Implementation is Here to Prepare You for the Nov. 30 CFPB Debt Collection Rule Compliance Date


With the Nov. 30, 2021, Reg F effective date fast approaching, ACA has you covered for finalizing compliance preparations.

11/5/2021 10:30

ACA International’s education series on implementing the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau’s debt collection rule, Reg F, is available online to guide members through everything from disclosures to limited content messages before the compliance date.

The Reg F compliance date is Nov. 30, 2021.

ACA knows its members have been working on updating their policies and procedures to comply with Reg F and is here to help with its ACA How video series.

Reg F is the biggest change for the accounts receivable management industry since the inception of the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act. The series— introduced by ACA Corporate Counsel Colin Winkler— covers every part of Reg F that requires organizational change, including how to implement those changes and who needs to be involved. Each section is broken into short videos presented by industry leaders and includes a tip sheet to support the course subject.

ACA added two new educational modules to guide members through communication related to credited reporting and state laws.  

Chad Echols, partner at the Echols Firm LLC, will be presenting the new module on Communication Prior to Credit Reporting, which covers the procedures leading up to credit reporting and policy changes.

Relation to State Laws, presented by Stefanie Jackman, partner at Ballard Spahr, LLP, covers everything you need to know about Reg F regarding state laws and regulations.

Members will have access to 15 hours of education taught by industry-leading professionals, all broken down into 3-to-5 minute easy-to-navigate tutorials.

ACA’s recent informational video guides you through how to navigate the ACA How web page and explains the account setup process as well as navigating modules and tracking your progress.

Additional modules include:

  • Prohibited Communications Media presented by June Coleman, of counsel at Messer Strickler Ltd., in Jacksonville, Florida.
  • Social Media Communications, presented by Nicole Strickler, president of Messer Strickler Ltd., in Jacksonville, Florida.
  • Time-Barred Debts, presented by David Schultz, partner at Hinshaw & Culbertson LLP, in Chicago Harassing, Oppressive, or Abusive Conduct, presented by Tim Collins, chief customer officer at InDebted Australia Pty. Ltd.
  • Limited Content Messages, presented by Loraine Lyons, partner at Malone Frost Martin PLLC, in Cedar Falls Iowa.
  • Employer Provided Emails presented by Dennis Barton, owner and managing attorney at The Barton Law Group LLC in Chesterfield, Missouri.

If your company has multiple people attending ACA’s webinars, consider investing in the All-Access Training Zone, which includes bundled education from ACA at one low price. Existing All-Access Training Zone subscribers automatically have access to ACA How: Regulation F Implementation.

To get started on your Reg F education, visit and access our new modules.

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