ACA How Regulation F Implementation

Regulation F is the biggest thing to hit our industry, since the inception of the FDCPA. Implementation will be challenging without assistance. Are you feeling overwhelmed with changing the way you do business to comply with this new rule? We’re hearing from ACA members, and if you are overwhelmed, you’re not alone. We've got your back. Learn more in the product details.

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ACA How: Regulation F Implementation is a series of videos to help guide you through what exactly is needed to be done to comply with Reg F. This product picks apart every section of regulation F, and instructs you on HOW you need to adjust the way you do business. Enjoy 15 hours of education, taught by industry-leading professionals, all broken down into 3 to 5 minute easy-to-navigate tutorials.

Each module consists of a series of courses. Here is the list of modules:

  • Effectively Navigating the Rule 
  • Validation Notice 
  • Record Retention 
  • Repeated or Continuous Telephone Calls 
  • Prohibited Communications Media 
  • Communication Prior to Credit Reporting 
  • Disputes and Requests for Original Creditor Information 
  • Unfair and Unconscionable Means 
  • Prohibition on Sale or Placement of Certain Debts 
  • Harassing, Oppressive or Abusive Conduct 
  • Electronic Communications Safe-Harbor Procedures 
  • Relation to State Laws 
  • Limited-Content Messages 
  • Time-Barred Debt 
  • Employer Provided Emails 
  • Sending Required Disclosures 
  • Communications with Third Parties 
  • Social Media Communications 
  • Communications: Inconvenient Time or Unusual Place 
  • Communications with a Consumer 
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