Talking TCPA Case Law Developments on ACA Cast

Experts offer insights on trends in case law, compliance concerns using modern technology and the current TCPA landscape in general.

10/8/2019 1:00 PM

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Talking TCPA Case Law Developments on ACA Cast

The Telephone Consumer Protection Act landscape is evolving—and the accounts receivable management industry must remain vigilant.

To help, Bender, Troutman, and Delnero discuss recent TCPA developments in the latest episode of ACA Cast titled, “Case Law Developments Concerning the Telephone Consumer Protection Act and Beyond.”

The ACA Cast guests discuss express prior consent, including what conversations should be had with client creditors about obtaining TCPA consents at the time the debt is originally incurred by a consumer.

Complex issues that arise as new technology emerges, and as consumers prefer communicating with more modern technology are discussed in this informative podcast—a must listen for agencies that are using or considering using automated technology to dial numbers, direct drop voicemail services, and/or prerecorded messages.

“If you have any doubt as to whether your equipment is an autodialer, treat it as if it’s an autodialer,” Troutman said during the episode. “Don’t make calls on any equipment that might look, smell (or) feel like a dialer unless you have express consent.”

This episode of ACA Cast is part of a new initiative by the MAP Committee to bring ACA International members information about stimulating and timely topics for the accounts receivable management industry. As part of the initiative, TCPA experts will analyze recent court opinions and the challenges associated with remaining compliant with the law.

Troutman is also a speaker during the session “TCPA: What's New and Where Are We Headed?” at ACA’s 2019 Fall Forum & Expo Nov. 6-8 in Chicago. The 2019 Fall Forum & Expo features three education tracks: health care, legal and operations. Visit ACA’s Fall Forum & Expo website for the latest details on educational sessions and to register today.

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