FCC Announces New Prices for Reassigned Numbers Database

Subscription tiers and pricing for querying the database will change next month.

03/17/2022 2:00 P.M.

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The Federal Communications Commission announced changes to subscriber options and pricing for the Reassigned Numbers Database (RND). The changes, which will go into effect April 27, 2022, add more subscription tiers, agent discounts and pricing options.

The number of subscription tiers increased from six to 10, providing more options for callers that have a smaller number of inquiries to make. Existing subscriptions will not be affected, according to a press release.

The updated interim pricing structure is reflected in the chart below, provided by the FCC:

The RND became fully operational Nov. 1, 2021. Callers can check the database to “ensure they reach consumers that expect their calls and avoid calling consumers with reassigned numbers who may not wish to receive the call,” according to the FCC’s supplemental guidance.

Paid subscribers, including callers and caller agents, can use the database to avoid calling consumers with reassigned numbers who may not wish to receive their call. The RND is available at

Companies can contact the RND Administrator at [email protected] or 1-833-763-2366 to determine if you qualify for the Caller Agent Discount and what the discount (ranging from 25% – 40% off the regular pricing) is for each applicable tier.

ACA Advocates for TCPA Safe Harbor

ACA International supported efforts to develop a concise reassigned numbers database, urging the FCC to ensure it is reasonably priced, accurate and easy to use and includes a safe harbor, ACA previously reported.

The FCC created a rule in 2018 to establish the database, which enables callers to verify the status of a phone number and helps protect consumers with reassigned numbers from receiving unwanted calls.

ACA has had many discussions with the FCC about the RND. Most recently, ACA met with the FCC’s Consumer and Governmental Affairs Bureau in late February to discuss industry concerns and pose questions about the database.

The RND will only tell callers the most recent disconnection date of the number they last called. Callers should consider how this impacts their overall calling strategy.

Finally, the FCC may initiate a proceeding to establish a more permanent rate structure, which would go into effect no sooner than Jan. 1, 2023. In the meantime, the FCC encourages users to provide online feedback to the administrator regarding its tiers and rates.

Learn More About the Reassigned Numbers Database

Beth Sprague, director of the FCC’s reassigned numbers database, and David Kaminski, partner at Carlson and Messer, explained more about the database and the Telephone Consumer Protection Act safe harbor associated with using it on a recent ACA Huddle, which is available for members here.

The FCC recently released supplemental guidance to improve the utility of the database and enhance callers’ ability to avoid making unwanted calls to consumers, ACA previously reported.

ACA continues to gather feedback from members about the database. Please send any thoughts or questions related to operational or cost issues to ACA International’s Vice President and Senior Counsel, Federal Advocacy Leah Dempsey at [email protected]


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