“The objectives and purposes of this Association shall be to further and promote the general welfare of the collection profession in the State of Oregon; to prescribe ethics and to encourage proper conduct among its members and to gather and disseminate educational material relative to the collection profession which may be valuable to members of this Association.”

ORCA's Quarterly Newsletter

The Collectorgram is ORCA's quarterly newsletter.  It includes articles from members, upcoming events, Affiliate Members and Endorsed Vendors products and services, and information for conventions and meetings.

Summer 2016 Collectogram


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Hasson-Newman Memorial Scholarship

For Oregon Highschool seniors attending an Oregon college, you may apply for the Hasson-Newman Memorial Scholarship.

Click here for rules, deadlines, and application information.

$4,000 to First Place - $3,500 to Second Place

www.orcascholarshipfund.com or call 503-746-6616

ORCA's Bylaws & Standard Operating Procedures

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ORCA Bylaws - Updated April, 2010 
ORCA Standard Operating Procedures - Updated April, 2010

Membership Eligibility for Oregon Collectors Association


  • Section 1. Eligibility for Membership
    • There shall be four classes of membership in this Association, namely:
    • “Active”, “Non-Resident”, “Honorary Life”, and “Affiliated”.
  • A. Eligibility for Active Membership:
    • 1. Any individual, partnership, firm or corporation actively engaged in the collection agency business in the State of Oregon shall be eligible for membership in this Association, provided that:
      • a. They be a full time collection agency, evidenced by having an office location, telephone listing and keep normal business hours.
      • b. They have complied with the State of Oregon registration laws governing those engaged in the collection agency business and other Federal, State, County and Municipal statutes and ordinances for regulation of any business and specifically those in the collection agency business.
      • c. They subscribe to and practice the code of ethic and rules of conduct adopted by the membership of this Association and the American Collectors Association.
      • d. They comply with the bonding requirements of the State of Oregon and the American Collectors Association, Inc.
  • B. Eligibility for Non-Resident Membership shall be:
    • 1. Any individual, partnership, firm or corporation, actively engaged in the collection business and who is a member of the American Collectors Association, and does not have a collection agency office within the State of Oregon.
    • 2. Non-Resident members shall have none of the rights and privileges of the Active members other than social and subscription to the Association’s bulletin.
  • C. Eligibility for Honorary Life Membership shall be:
    • 1. Any person who is not active in the collection field, but has made noteworthy achievement in, contribution to, and furtherance of the Association and the collection profession.
    • 2. An Honorary Life member of this Association shall not automatically become an Honorary Life member of the American Collectors Association unless that Association elects him or her so to be.
    • 3. Honorary Life members shall be entitled to receive Association Publications and to accept appointments to Association Committees or to perform special assignments at the request of the President, but not to vote or hold elective offices. No dues shall be required of Honorary Life members.
  • D. Eligibility for Affiliate Members shall be:
    • 1. Any individual, partnership, entity or corporation interested in the welfare of the credit and collection industry and who is not eligible for other classes of membership, may apply to be an Affiliate member.
    • 2. Affiliate members shall have none of the rights and privileges of Active members other than social, the right to attend meetings and schools at the same fee as Active members, and the right to receive the Association’s bulletins and magazines.
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