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New York State Collectors Association

Welcome to the New York State Collectors Association

NYSCA is an Association on the rise, comprised of 166 New York State Collection Agencies and Collection Professionals. Our members work with debtors and consumers on behalf of our clients to collect past due receivables. Our clients include Hospitals, Physicians, Law Firms, Banks, Auto Lenders, Credit Unions, Utility Companies, Colleges and Universities, Government Agencies, Professionals, debt buyers, and many other businesses -both large and small- who extend credit or hold past due receivables.

NYSCA Members and our colleagues return over $4.7 billion to the economy each year in New York State. We employ more than 21,000 New York residents directly or indirectly, and help to create and sustain jobs in many other businesses dependent upon sales to the Collections Industry and its employees.

Our work in facilitating the repayment of rightfully owed debt helps our clients' organizations survive. The capital we return to our clients assists in preventing employee layoffs, keeping credit, goods, and services available, and reduces the need for tax increases. NYSCA members are valued civic leaders, employers, volunteers, philanthropists and taxpayers in our communities. Together, we make more than $12 million in charitable contributions, and spend 240,000+ hours per year in service of volunteer activities and company sponsored charitable events.

As an Association, we work tirelessly with our counsel to help advance favorable legislation and defeat adverse measures proposed in Albany.

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