Navarroli v. Medicredit: Applying the Final Hunstein Decision, Court Finds Consumer Lacked a Concrete Injury, Remanded FDCPA Claims

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Congress did not appear to intend for the FDCPA to extend so far as to prevent debt collectors from enlisting the assistance of mailing vendors to perform ministerial duties, such as printing and stuffing the debt collector’s letters. 09/27/2022 2:45 P.M. 4 minute read Navarroli v. Medicredit, Inc., No. 21-CV-6203, 2022 WL 4465840 (N.D. Ill. […]

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Recording Available: Hunstein Decision, There’s More to Talk About


This ACA Huddle focuses on unanswered questions as we continue to unpack the implications of the Hunstein decision. Meeting Recording Passcode: mr6N0FO^ As the dust settles on the Hunstein decision, there are unanswered questions in the accounts receivable management industry on what it really means for the long term. On this ACA Huddle, join industry […]

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What Does the Hunstein Ruling Mean for the ARM Industry?



Key takeaways from ACA members, including how the opinion will affect future litigation. 09/20/2022 3:45 P.M. 7.5 minute read Now that the long-awaited ruling in Hunstein v. Preferred Collection & Management Services is out, many ACA International members are wondering how this decision will impact their business operations—or, in some cases, the copycat cases they are currently fighting. […]

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Feist v. Arcadia Recovery: Court Applies Hunstein Decision, Holds Consumer Lacks Standing to Bring FDCPA Letter Vendor Claims

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A consumer cannot rely on a bare procedural violation of the FDCPA alone to establish a concrete harm. Applying the final Hunstein decision, the court held the consumer alleging a debt collector violated the FDCPA by using a third-party letter vendor lacked Article III standing. 09/20/2022 3:00 P.M. 3.5 minute read Feist v. Arcadia Recovery […]

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Recording Available – ACA Huddle: Breakdown of the Hunstein Decision and New Cybersecurity Tools

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This ACA Huddle covers two important topics—unpacking the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals decision in the Hunstein case and cybersecurity tips from state regulators. Meeting Recording Passcode: bt45.ZNS Session Slides The 11th Circuit Court of Appeals has issued its long-awaited ruling in Hunstein v. Preferred Collection & Management Services, dismissing the case because the plaintiff […]

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