Rhode Island Banking Division Announces Move to State Examination System


Licensees in Rhode Island will be able to track supervisory activity on the state system launched last year.

4/29/2021 9:00

The Rhode Island Division of Banking will soon start using the State Examination System (SES) to conduct supervisory activities such as examinations and commencement of administrative actions, share consumer complaints and other supervisory activities with licensees.

The division sent out a notice to licensees April 13 with information on the impact to companies in the accounts receivable management industry, including efficiencies in understanding the status of supervisory activity and the ability to securely respond to regulator requests with easy document upload features.

SES launched with little fanfare in early 2020 as a platform designed to simplify and streamline state-level examinations, ACA International previously reported. In September 2020, the Conference of State Bank Supervisors (CSBS) announced that a “consumer complaint management” feature had been added to SES functionality, allowing state regulators to “enter and process complaints about financial entities under their supervisions.”

Rhode Island licensees will be able to view and track all supervisory activities, including administrative actions and complaints, through SES.

Additional instructions, summarized below, will be shared with each company that will be subject to examination in the system. 

  • A company subject to examination in SES will be notified by the agency prior to sending the examination through the system. This notification will include instructions on how to activate the company account in SES.
  • If your company is already established in SES for complaint handling purposes, your company’s examination contact identified when your company first enrolled in SES will receive notifications related to examinations.

If you would like to learn more about SES, please refer to the following resources:

For questions about this notice, contact Rebecca Specht, assistant supervisor of examinations at [email protected] or Sara Cabral, state chief bank examiner at [email protected].

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