ACA Cast “Call Baiting: Don’t Get Hooked”

Training and ongoing education can help your employees avoid taking the bait!

9/9/2019 1:05 PM

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ACA Cast “Call Baiting: Don’t Get Hooked”

Spend 20 minutes listening to this episode to learn more about warning signs and solutions to subtle and not-so-subtle call baiting as well as tips for dealing with this real threat.

“The key to avoiding call baiters is awareness and training that helps ARM professionals recognize the signs that something is wrong—in many cases, these signs could be subtle,” said Ruffino. “But just because someone is on a speaker phone or seems to be scripted or is typing— it’s not a slam dunk that you have a call baiter.”

Nevertheless, when an ARM professional suspects he is being baited, he should politely end the call, said Ruffino. “Don’t answer any questions if you are not 100% positive of the answer—and don’t hang up on the debtor. Instead, we teach employees to politely get out of the call by saying something like, ‘we need to wrap up the call.’ The baiter will get the message that your agency does not tolerate this.”

And, if you need a slogan to remind employees to be on guard, here’s a catchy line coined by Bedard: “When the bait is shown, get off the phone!”

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