Consumer Complaint Database

The CFPB launched the public-facing Consumer Complaint Database in 2012.  In November 2013, the CFPB began adding debt collection complaints to the database.  Despite significant opposition, in June 2015, the CFPB finalized a policy to add consumer complaint narratives to the Consumer Complaint Database. 

Given the CFPB ’s broad definition of a complaint to include a consumer’s expression of mere “dissatisfaction” coupled with the CFPB ’s admission that it does not verify the substance of complaints for accuracy or even wrongdoing, ACA has serious concerns about the CFPB posting company-level complaint data in its public database.  ACA continues to advocate for the CFPB to, at a minimum, develop and implement fair and transparent metrics to normalize the complaint data it makes publicly available on the database, narrow the definition of “complaint” so that it covers only alleged conduct that would be unlawful if true, and to consistently use prominent disclaimers that appropriately describe the limitations of published complaint data.

Complaint Handling RFIs and Proposals

The CFPB has issued several Requests for Information and other proposals related to the Consumer Complaint Database.

PRA Request: Consumer Response Intake Form (Deadline: Feb. 27, 2015)

PRA Request: Company Portal Boarding Form (Deadline: Feb. 2, 2015)

Proposed Policy: Consumer Complaint Narrative Data (Deadline: Sept. 22, 2014)

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