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ACPAC is the voluntary, bipartisan Political Action Committee (PAC). ACPAC’s primary goal is to support and enhance the effectiveness of ACA International’s lobbying and political advocacy efforts on Capitol Hill.  ACPAC is governed by and in full compliance with all Federal Election Commission (FEC) laws and regulations.

ACPAC is overseen by a committee of top executives from small and large agencies in the accounts receivable management industry representing ACA International’s diverse membership throughout the country. It provides financial assistance to political candidates who support a sound pro-business philosophy and responsible positions on issues of concern to the accounts receivable management industry. ACPAC is bi-partisan, contributing to both Democratic and Republican candidates in the U.S. House of Representatives and United States Senate. The PAC does not contribute in connection with U.S. presidential elections.

ACPAC must make a written request to the member companies of ACA International for permission to solicit employees in their restricted class. Corporate approval is necessary before ACPAC may solicit the company’s executive and, administrative personnel in the United States, which include employees who are paid on a salary (rather than hourly) basis and have policymaking, managerial, professional or supervisory responsibilities. Federal law prohibits soliciting contributions from outside this restricted class and such contributions will be returned to the donor.  Contributions are voluntary and you have a right to refuse to contribute without reprisal. Federal law prohibits political contributions from foreign nationals. A foreign national is person belonging to a country other than the U.S. (non-green card holder). Contributions to ACPAC are not tax deductible.  ACA will not favor or disadvantage anyone by reason of the amount contributed or the decision whether to contribute.  Federal law requires political committees to report the name, mailing address, occupation and name of employer for each individual whose aggregate personal contribution are in excess of $200 in a calendar year.

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Getting involved is simple.  Please contact Patrick Russell at (202) 547-2676 or, for more information and to determine if your company has signed a Solicitation Request Form (SRF).

ACPAC Candidate Fund

To join ACPAC, your company’s chief executive officer or primary ACA International contact must first complete a Solicitation Request Form (SRF). A corporation may not approve solicitations by more than one trade association's federal PAC in a calendar year.

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Administrative Corporate Fund Portal

ACPAC's Administrative Fund is supported by corporate donations. It provides discretionary funds to support the operating expenses of ACPAC such as grassroots education, advocacy, fundraising expenses and other administrative costs. Your corporate contribution is one way that your company may support its national trade association, and it truly represents an investment in protecting your business interest that pays back many dividends.

For more information, and contribution options, please visit the ACPAC Administrative Fund Corporate Contributions website today!
Corporate Contributions Website

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