*NEW* Now Taking Applications for Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Position at ACA

The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) leads/manages a 2,200-member advocacy and educational organization reporting to the Board of Directors (BOD) for the effective conduct of affairs of ACA International and related legal entities. The CEO recommends and participates in formulating all mission, goals, objectives, and related policies with the BOD. Within that framework, the CEO plans, organizes, coordinates, controls, approves internal operating policies; and directs staff, programs, and activities. The CEO works closely with the senior-level managers and staff to ensure that the strategic plans are implemented. For full qualifications and instructions on how to apply, click here.

Board of Directors Elections

  • 2021 Board of Directors Campaign Information and Position Description: ACA is seeking candidates for six open seats on the 2021-2022 ACA International Board of Directors. To assist potential candidates, the campaign information document includes campaign deadlines, rules and a Board position description.  
  • 2021 Board of Directors Candidate Application: Interested candidates are urged to submit a completed application as soon as possible but not later than March 15, 2021. The ACA International Council of Delegates will meet July 28, 2021, to elect six directors for three-year terms.

Council of Delegates Elections

  • 2021 Council of Delegates Campaign Information:  ACA is seeking candidates to serve and represent their Divisions (Affiliate, Attorney, Creditor, International) on the ACA International Council of Delegates. To assist potential candidates, this campaign information document has been posted. 
  • 2021 ACA International Council of Delegates Candidate Application: Interested candidates are urged to submit a completed application as soon as possible but not later than March 15, 2021. Division representatives are elected by fellow Division members via electronic balloting in April with results announced in May. The Council of Delegates will hold its annual meeting on July 28, 2021, in conjunction with the ACA Annual Convention.


  • ACA Board of Directors: ACA Board of Directors governs the affairs, activities and concerns of the association.
  • ACA Member Committees: ACA’s committees address important issues that impact your day-to-day operations and provide meaningful input to the Board of Directors.

Governing Documents

  • Strategic Plan: ACA International’s work is driven largely by the initiatives set forth by the Board of Directors in the association's three-year strategic plan. The Board met in December 2020 and reaffirmed the vision, mission and values, and adopted goals for 2021-2023. Accompanying strategies and action plans are in development. 
  • ACA Bylaws: The rules governing the association’s internal affairs, the ACA International Bylaws are amended from time to time with approval by the Council of Delegates. Current Bylaws effective January 2021 (as amended July 14, 2020).
  • ACA Holding Company Bylaws: ACA International owns 100 percent of the stock of ACA International Holding Company Inc., a corporate structure housing the association’s taxable activities and protecting the association’s tax-exempt status. ACA International Holding Company owns 100 percent of the stock of both for-profit subsidiaries, ACA International Enterprises Inc. and Collectors Insurance Agency Inc. These are the governing rules of the holding company.
  • ACA Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs): Standard Operating Procedures are detailed, written instructions to achieve uniformity of the performance of a specific function. ACA’s SOPs may be amended from time to time with approval of the ACA Board of Directors.
  • Member Code of Conduct: Members of ACA International have committed to governing their industry activities in harmony with the ACA Code of Conduct.  Sometimes ACA receives reports of member activity alleged to be incompatible with the Code of Conduct. Such reports are reviewed by the Ethics Committee consistent with the procedures outlined in the Ethics Committee Review Rules. The review process provides opportunity for members to receive notice of the concern, examine problems, resolve disputes, and to take action when circumstances prompt change.
  • Statement of Principles and Guidelines for the Sale and Purchase of Consumer Debt: A set of principles specific to the asset buying industry that establishes guidelines for business, legal and professional conduct as well as guidelines for client, consumer, vendor and colleague relationships.



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