White House Seeks Comments on Priorities for Mitigating AI Risks

AIThe federal government is working on several programs to advance research and development of AI as well as to ensure consumer protection. ACA members are encouraged to share their feedback on AI issues to inform ACA’s response.

05/25/2023 3:15 P.M.

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The Biden-Harris Administration is working on new programs “that will advance the research, development, and deployment of responsible artificial intelligence (AI) that protects individuals’ rights and safety and delivers results for the American people,” according to an announcement from The White House.

The programs include:

  • An updated strategic plan (PDF) to prioritize investments and goals in AI research and development. The White House Office of Science and Technology Policy (OSTP) updated the plan for the first time since 2019. “This plan makes clear that when it comes to AI, the federal government will invest in (research and development) that promotes responsible American innovation, serves the public good, protects people’s rights and safety, and upholds democratic values. It will help ensure continued U.S. leadership in the development and use of trustworthy AI systems.”
  • A new request for public comment on critical AI issues. The OSTP’s Request for Information (RFI) (PDF) “seeks input on national priorities for mitigating AI risks, protecting individuals’ rights and safety, and harnessing AI to improve lives.”

The goal of the RFI is to support managing AI risks while harnessing AI opportunities in a cohesive way.

ACA’s Take

In April, several federal agencies released a policy statement on the use of artificial intelligence products under existing laws, particularly to ensure that consumers aren’t discriminated against by the algorithms companies use for loans or other financial products, ACA previously reported.

In addition to the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, the Federal Trade Commission, Department of Justice Civil Rights Division and Equal Employment Opportunity Commission participated in the interagency statement (PDF).

In his remarks on the policy statement, Chopra said, “Generative AI, which can produce voices, images, and videos that are designed to simulate real-life human interactions are raising the question of whether we are ready to deal with the wide range of potential harms—from consumer fraud to privacy to fair competition.”

After reading the statement, Heath Morgan, partner at Martin Lyons Watts Morgan PLLC, noted the agencies’ focus on enforcement and consumer protections may be misdirected.

“Director Chopra first focuses on potential harms of ‘Generative AI’ in his statement, but then the rest of the statement is only focused on fair competition which, at best, should be the third concern of regulators,” Morgan said.

In fact, Morgan added, “the number one concern for consumers is and will be Generative AI that can be used to produce voices, images, and videos that are designed to simulate real-life human interactions and that could impersonate them without their consent to commit fraud, identity theft, and reputation theft.”

Regulators should focus more on protecting consumers’ personal information when it comes to AI, according to Morgan.

ACA is working on a response to the White House’s RFI and seeks member feedback to inform its comments on how AI is used in the accounts receivable management industry.

Comments on the White House’s RFI are due by 5 p.m., EST, July 7, 2023.

Members interested in filing their own comments on the federal government AI plans as well can do so through the Federal eRulemaking Portal at with Docket Number 2023-11346.

Information on how to use, including instructions for accessing agency documents, submitting comments, and viewing the docket, is available here:

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