Leadership and Learning Kick Off ACA’s IGNITE 2023

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As ACA’s Level Up Leadership Experience wrapped up Wednesday, attendees gathered for IGNITE 2023, featuring a new lineup of education, networking and business solutions.

03/22/2023 4:30 P.M.

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ACA International’s IGNITE 2023 is underway in Las Vegas following the conclusion of the energetic Level Up Leadership Experience.

Attendees, including supervisors and managers who are in training to step up into executive team roles, learned core leadership skills with up-and-coming credit and collection professionals.

“Leaders who attend Level Up gain the knowledge and capability to consistently produce the intended result, have the know-how and ability to retain and motivate their teams, assess problems, provide creative solutions, and manage challenges,” said ACA’s Director of Education Kelli Krueger, who led sessions on effective leadership, communication styles and more.

Level Up began on Tuesday with a session on navigating change and innovation, led by Krueger, and invited attendees to participate in a team building exercise that tested their ability to move as one while balancing a ball on a line of 32 strings connected by a metal ring. The exercise challenged them to work together as team with the challenge of not touching the ball with any part of their bodies or stepping on the red circles on the carpet.

ACA President-Elect David Williams was integral to the Level Up sessions, including the dynamic burning issues, a true asset to attending this event.

Attendees discussed their uncertainty around credit reporting compliance changes and continued difficulty with hiring and onboarding, and Krueger opened the floor for members to share their input on these issues.

“Kelli did a great job of touching on legal and compliance issues and answered all of our questions,” Paul Irby, team leader at Williams & Fudge, said.

Krueger closed out the event with a session titled “Courageous Leadership: Unleash Your Potential and Drive Real Change,” which focused on facing your fears and stepping outside of your comfort zone to maximize your professional success.

“Level Up was a wonderful opportunity to learn new perspectives from different members, ask questions, and gain knowledge on new issues we didn’t know existed before,” said Cortney Helfrich, chief personnel officer at Wilber Group.

Participants were able to walk away with innovation and leadership ideas from Krueger, with many attendees noting that Level Up introduced them to valuable information they hadn’t received anywhere else.

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Members of ACA’s Board of Directors and staff celebrated ACA CEO Scott Purcell’s birthday after meeting the day before ACA’s 2023 IGNITE kickoff.

At IGNITE, attendees get three days of highly coveted in-person networking. Whether in sessions, over meals or passing through the hallways, meeting new industry peers and seeing old friends is what IGNITE is all about. These valuable professional connections can take your business to the next level—and show your employees that you trust them to represent your business.

IGNITE provides an opportunity to dive into education sessions so you can walk away with a new direction and resources for yourself and your team.

In addition to sessions focused on optimizing technology, innovation and compliance, the main stage event at IGNITE will feature a discussion on the future of the evolving ARM industry, including a look at innovative advancement and potential challenges and how to combat them.

Steve Kusic, CEO of National Recovery Agency, and Porter Morgan, partner at Martin Lyons Watts Morgan PLLC, will present “Peering Into the Crystal Ball: What Lies Ahead in 2030?,” on the main stage at IGNITE, March 23.

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