State Law Updates and Remote Work Webinars Slated for This Week

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04/29/2022 2:15 P.M.

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Do you have an interest in training, data reporting, state-specific laws and the latest trends in remote work an hiring? Then ACA International’s May education lineup  on accounts receivable management industry topics in May is for you.

Before you plan your registration, does your company enroll many staff in ACA’s online education? Then consider purchasing the All-Access Training Zone, which includesCore Curriculum and Hot Topic webinars, plus recordings.. If you’re already subscribed, the May education is included in your Training Zone for you and your company—you won’t pay anything more to attend.

Take a look at these courses planned for May and mark your calendars to attend new sessions this spring.

Remote Workforce Hot Topic Series

ACA’s four-part started May 6 and is led by Irene Hoheusle, CCCO, IFCCE, vice president of collections and education at Account Recovery Specialists Inc. This series will walk you through the four major steps in remote workforce optimization.

Here are the webinars included in the four-part series, sponsored by, operated and powered by Contact Center Compliance.

Nesting? Does This Mean a Nap is Involved?

Most turnover occurs between days 30 to 65 from the date of hire. This session will walk you through how to navigate through the “nesting” or the “bullpen” phase: the time in which the new hires leave the classroom environment and continue their training and development in a “nest” environment before joining their team. Learn about setting KPIs, small wins, soft skills training, preparing your employees for the transition to the real world and much more.

This webinar is from 1 to 2 p.m. CDT, May 17. Visit the registration page here.

We Made It! So…Now What?

The ideal employee has completed new hire training as well as the “nesting” period, so now what? In the final session of the series on remote work, Conklin will discuss how to keep your employees engaged and productive to help increase retention and reduce turnover. Take away a plethora of ideas on how to stay connected and bridge the gap between all employees in your organization.

This webinar is from 1 to 2 p.m. CDT, May 25. Visit the registration page here.

State Specifics for Collectors 2

This quarterly series, “State Specifics for Collectors,” will eliminate confusion and help trainers, compliance officers and collectors in the ARM industry gain a better understanding of the most important state “can and cannots ” to remain compliant on every call, no matter the consumer location. Stephanie Jackman, partner at Troutman Pepper, Abigail Pressler, general counsel at NCB Management Services Inc., and Nicholas Prola, general counsel at Professional Finance Company Inc., will lead this session.

This webinar is from 2 to 3 p.m. CDT, May 19. Visit the registration page here.

Coming Next Month! Data Reporting: Compliance & Operational Metrics

John Bedard, owner of Bedard Law Group PC, and Jeremy Nixon, owner of Rockbridge Consulting LLC, will embark on a four-part, deep dive series into how you can become more efficient with data to make more strategic decisions. Each session of this series will continue to reveal unveil more on compliance and operations metrics as well as decision making.

Stay tuned for more details!

That’s the lineup for May, but be sure to check ACA’s online events calendar for regular updates on the Hot Topic seminar schedule and Core Curriculum courses and stay tuned for more coverage of May education and beyond in ACA Daily. Webinars in June through September are already on the calendar for registration. Updates are also available by subscribing to events and education email notices and ACA Daily through your My ACA profile at

If you’re interested in speaking at an ACA webinar, learn more here.

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