2023 Economic Trends and Blueprint® QMS Training on Deck for December Education Sessions

woman typing on a laptop that says "ACA International Education"Register now for online December education sessions highlighting insights on digital communication, Safeguards Rule implementation, Blueprint® QMS foundational training and more. Consider purchasing the All-Access Training Zone to enroll many of your staff in these valuable sessions.

11/28/2022 3:10 P.M.

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ACA International has new education events on accounts receivable management industry topics in December, highlighting insights on digital communication, economic trends for 2023, Blueprint® QMS foundational training and more.

Before you make your education plans for December, does your company enroll many staff in ACA’s online courses? If so, consider purchasing the All-Access Training Zone, which includes Core Curriculum and Hot Topic webinars, plus recordings.

If you’re already subscribed, the December education is included in your Training Zone for you and your company—you won’t pay anything more to attend. Also check out our new features to find on-demand education recordings on the education home page.

Take a look at these upcoming courses designed for collectors, trainers, operations and compliance staff and register now.

One Word to Change Your Year

Are you tired of making New Year’s resolutions just to break them in a few weeks? This session led by Melony Frizzell, senior director of training and professional development at Revco Solutions, will help you learn the one word that will change your entire year—for you, for your family, and for your company.

This webinar is from 2 to 3 p.m. CDT, Dec. 1. Visit the webinar webpage to register.

ACA How: Safeguards Rule Implementation Series

In this multi-part Q&A series, presenters from TPx and ACA will help demystify the GLBA Safeguards Rule and answer your questions about compliance with the rule. Visit the series webpage for more information and to register.

To continue learning about the Safeguards Rule, Training Zone members have exclusive free access to the full ACA How recordings, including four more live Q&A sessions from TPx, where you can get answers from the experts on your specific data security questions. You’ll also get access to a PDF document with all the questions and answers covered in the series so far. For non-Training Zone members, the recordings are available for purchase.

The next Q&A session is from 2 to 2:30 p.m. CDT, Dec. 2. Visit ACA’s Safeguards Rule Implementation Series webpage here for information and to register for the remaining Q&A sessions.

Innovation Stage Online: SMS Best Practices – How to Get the Most Out of Your Texting Investment

Picking up where they left off in August covering texting risk mitigation strategies, Solutions by Text General Counsel Amanda Payton, Head of Product Mahala Johnson and Director of Product Management Chris Beebe will discuss operational efficiencies that will lead to a better consumer communication and payment experience. As the leading compliance-first texting provider, Solutions by Text will offer strategies and best practices for first- and third-party operators to process payments in the consumer’s preferred communication channel.

This event is from 2 to 2:30 p.m. CDT, Dec. 7. Visit the event webpage to register.

Blueprint® Quality Management System Foundational Training

Different than our other designations for individuals, Blueprint® is ACA’s company certification program. Earn a Blueprint® Quality Management System certification to form a foundation for RFPs, licensing, regulator evaluations and industry certifications. Create efficiency and consistency for staff and clients, develop accountability to higher standards, and make continuous improvements across all practices.

This three-day event is from 11 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. CDT, Dec. 12, 13 and 14. Visit the event webpage to register for all sessions.

Members must attend all live sessions for full credit. This course is not available on demand.

Innovation Stage Online: Why Distressed Consumers Prefer Digital Communication

This webinar, sponsored by Vital Recovery Services, LLC, will explore a new avenue of fast-paced customer communication. Christopher Gugala and Justin Miller from Vital will lead this session and help you better cater to customer needs and strengthen your CXM strategy.

This webinar is from 11 a.m. to 12 p.m. CDT, Dec. 13. Visit the webinar webpage to register.

Accounting & Budgeting – Running Departments Like Companies

Cash flow is the lifeblood of businesses, and understanding how each department contributes to cash flow is incredibly important. This session, part of our Business Optimization Series, will cover how each department contributes to an organization’s bottom line, including tips and tricks for measuring the accountability of leadership across an organization. Adam Parks, CEO of Branding Arc, will lead this session.

This webinar is from 2 to 3 p.m. CDT, Dec. 13. Visit the webinar webpage to register.

Successful Persuasion Intangibles

Do you want to be more persuasive and increase your revenue all while building stronger human connections along the way? In the last session of this three-part series, Jason Cutter, CEO of Cutter Consulting Group, will take participants on a journey to discover the true meaning of authentic persuasion. This program removes the stress and anxiety felt about selling and transforms the learner into a model salesperson who inspires trust through integrity and authenticity.

This webinar is from 2 to 3 p.m. CDT, Dec. 15. Visit the webinar webpage to register.

Let’s Chat About Blueprint QMS

In this session, ACA Blueprint®-certified company members will host a free Q&A open forum. Bring your questions about forms, documentation, training and the audit process. Join us if you are a current Blueprint® user or even if you are just curious about the program.

This webinar is from 11 a.m. to 12 p.m. CDT, Dec. 20. Visit the webinar webpage to register.

Confessions of a Dismal Scientist: Where Are We in 2023?

It’s been a year of “black swan” events and that can be very confusing. This webinar, led by economist Dr. Chris Kuehl, looks at some scenarios that could dominate 2023 and answers questions like: What leads to a recession and what allows us to escape one? Where is inflation heading and how do we deal with issues like supply chain breakdown, worker shortages and high energy prices? Is next year a “normal” year or another year of crisis and unpredictability—or is that normal now?

This webinar is from 2 to 3:30 p.m. CDT, Dec. 20. Visit the webinar webpage to register.

Check ACA’s online events calendar for regular updates on the Hot Topic webinar and Core course schedule and stay tuned for more coverage of December education and beyond in ACA Daily.

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