Recording Available: From Creditors to Collectors: ACA is Your Go-To Resource for Reg F

You have questions, we have answers. ACA’s Reg F resources and staff help members prepare for the Nov. 30 effective date, culminating with education at the 2021 Fall Forum and on the ACA Huddle throughout November. Editor’s note: This article is available for members only.

10/20/2021 9:00

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Nov. 30 is approaching quickly and, with it, Reg F’s effective date. In the build-up, ACA International has seen an increased urgency for answers about the new debt collection rule, reflected in part by Reg F questions posted by members on ACA’s online discussion community, The Hub, as well as in response to all-time high levels of attendance at ACA’s Reg F Huddles in October accompanied by a five-fold increase in compliance questions received from members via all channels.

“I’ve had some of these same questions, and I wanted to make sure you’re all aware of ACA’s resources and upcoming events that will help guide you through your preparation for Reg F compliance,” said ACA President Kevin Baich, vice president of Day Knight & Associates.

While conducting research for ACA’s compliance resources, ACA staff has been able to answer many of these questions on topics ranging from the safe harbor and itemization date to validation notices and social media communications, according to Corporate Counsel Colin Winkler.

“We know members look to ACA as a resource, and we’re here for our members in this final run up to Nov. 30,” Winkler said.

Use these ACA tools to navigate Reg F:

  • NEW: ACA has curated Reg F Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) as a new addition to the Reg F Resource Center.
  • ACA Huddle: Reg F Takeover. In mid-September, ACA began hosting weekly Huddles that focus on Reg F issues. This will continue through the end of November and will feature Huddles on communication, credit reporting, validation notices, and more—plus the opportunity to submit your Reg F questions to our speakers and staff! Visit the ACA Events Calendar for information about the Reg F Huddle Series. Text HUDDLE to 96997 for updates.
  • The Reg F Resource Center. Find a variety of information, including CFPB resources, Reg F news, FAQs, and previous Reg F Huddle recordings going back to the original Reg F Huddles in late 2020 and early 2021.
  • ACA How: Reg F Implementation. This educational video series features bite-sized presentations from familiar faces, including ACA staff, member attorneys and others, who will walk you through discrete aspects of Reg F compliance. All Training Zone subscribers automatically have access to the ACA How: Reg F product.
  • Fall Forum. ACA is dedicating an entire education track at Fall Forum to Reg F issues. Register now for the conference Nov. 3-5 in Chicago.
  • Compliance Officer of the Day. If you have questions about Reg F and can’t find an answer anywhere else, reach out to ACA’s Compliance Team via the Compliance Officer of the Day inbox by emailing [email protected]. The compliance team typically has an answer handy, and when they don’t, they can start digging, raise the question with other staff and members, and add the answer to ACA’s Reg F FAQs.
  • The Hub. Connect with your fellow members and discuss ideas and concerns on Reg F on ACA’s online member community.
  • ACA Daily. Don’t forget to subscribe to ACA Daily to make sure you’re among the first to hear about any new ACA Reg F resources, webinars or news.
  • Collector magazine. Subscribe to Collector magazine for in-depth analysis and compliance guidance on Reg F.
  • Stay connected to additional Reg F news and resources through the ACA mobile app and by receiving text messages with important updates. Simply text ALERTS to 96997.

“ACA’s compliance team has worked to be more familiar than anyone with all nuances of the final rule. Although some gray areas remain to be sorted out, ACA stands prepared to help members in final stretch,” Winkler said. “We will bring all of our internal resources to help members with final preparations for those must-do compliance facets of Reg F implementation, and we will continue to build out our Reg F resources beyond Nov. 30, including by incorporating Reg F and relevant decisional law into our existing ACA SearchPoint library and creating additional new resources as needed.”

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