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The mission of the Tennessee Collectors Association is to assist our member agencies in meeting the high standards and financial responsibility set forth by the State of Tennessee and the American Collector Association International. Our primary purpose and goal is to provide our members with education on all levels, from the FDCPA and collection skills to management and sales. To accomplish this mission, the Association through the Officers and Board of Directors will provide extensive educational programs for its members, publish a periodic newsletter and provide information to the media through our Public Relations Committee.

Currently TCA has 67 members from across the state. The Association will keep members aware of pending state legislation that affect the collection industry in the State of Tennessee through our Legislative Committee. The Legislative Committee Chair will work closely with the Lobbyist to introduce bills that are favorable to our members and oppose any adverse legislation. The Association will hear and attempt to resolve grievances filed against our members through our Grievance Committee.

We offer a network of assistance throughout our membership to inform and assist each other in all aspects of the collection industry.

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