Parsons v. United Collections Bureau: Consumer Alleged a Concrete Injury Under FCRA Based on Claim That Collector Viewed Consumer’s Credit Report Without a Permissible Purpose

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The 4th Circuit stated for the first time that where a consumer alleged a collection agency obtained and viewed the consumer’s credit report from a CRA for an improper purpose under FCRA, the consumer stated a sufficient concrete injury for Article III standing purposes. 11/22/2022 3:00 P.M. 3.5 minute read Parsons v. United Collections Bureau, […]

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Mullins v. Monarch Recovery: Court Rejects Joint Motion by Consumer and Collector Seeking Federal Jurisdiction

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A consumer alleged a collector violated the FDCPA by using a third-party letter vendor, but did not allege that anyone read her private information. Accordingly, the consumer did not sufficiently plead the harm that an “invasion of privacy” claim based on public disclosure intends to remedy, therefore the consumer could not maintain Article III standing […]

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Manos v. Freedom Mortg.: Data Furnisher’s Robust Process and Records Leads 4th Circuit to Affirm Furnisher Did Not Violate the FCRA

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Whether a data furnisher’s investigation into a consumer’s dispute was reasonable is based on an evaluation of information within the furnisher’s possession, such as correspondence between the consumer and the furnisher, the data identified by the reporting agency as disputed, and the furnisher’s other records relating to the disputed account. 09/21/2022 3:15 P.M. 3.5 minute […]

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