Join Us for ACPAC’s Happy Hour at Fall Forum 2022

2022 Fall Forum


The in-person happy hour event will feature a “wheel of prosperity” hosted by former ACA President Roger Weiss and will benefit the ACPAC Administrative Fund. 10/21/2022 1:30 P.M. 3 minute read Join in on a round of America’s favorite wheel game while supporting the ACPAC Administrative Fund at ACA International’s Fall Forum 2022, Nov. 2-4, […]

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ACA Vendor Member Continues to Pledge Support for ACPAC



VoApps’ fundraising initiative to benefit the ACPAC Administrative Fund gained additional support during ACA’s Convention & Expo last month. 08/02/2022 2:30 P.M. 2 minute read An initiative that started at ACA International’s Committee of 100 Conference in February 2022 to support the ACPAC Administrative Fund grew with more pledges from Affiliate members at ACA’s 2022 […]

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ACA Continues Advocacy by Meeting with Lawmakers at Annual Events

advocacy underlined with a pen


House Financial Services Committee member reconnects with ACA’s advocacy team and Board of Directors during the 2022 Convention & Expo last month in Florida. Members can read more here. 08/01/2022 2:30 P.M. 2.5 minute read In the last year, ACA International’s Board of Directors, under the leadership of 2021/22 President Kevin Baich, has prioritized organizing […]

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2022 ACPAC Admin Fund Silent Auction is Here

ACPAC Admin Fund


Browse our items now to support the ACPAC Admin Fund. There is also still time to register for you to try your hand at ax-throwing during ACA’s 2022 Convention & Expo where you can connect with industry colleagues and ACPAC leaders. 07/15/2022 1:45 P.M. 1.5 minute read The ACPAC Admin Fund Silent Auction starts Monday, […]

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ACA Vendor Member Pledges Support to ACPAC

advocacy alert


VoApps helps launch a groundbreaking new fundraising initiative to benefit the ACPAC Administrative fund. Editor’s note: This article is available for members only. 03/14/2022 3:30 P.M. 4 minute read When Neal Jagoda gets a good idea, he doesn’t waste time putting it into action. Jagoda, senior vice president of sales for VoApps DirectDrop Voicemail and a […]

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ACPAC Election Watch: Redistricting Legal Battles Underway


Redistricting and legal challenges to new maps across the U.S. are causing delays in some primaries and lawsuits that could last well beyond Nov. 8. Editor’s note: This article is available for members only. 02/14/2022 3:00 P.M. 5 minute read New congressional district maps are being drawn across the U.S., a process that is done […]

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ACPAC Election Watch: Mark Your Calendars for Upcoming Primaries


ACPAC encourages members to research their candidates as the 2022 midterm elections campaign season is already heating up. Editor’s note: This article is available for members only. 01/31/2022 2:45 P.M. 5.5 minute read With more than 400 election races ahead this year, including 34 seats in the U.S. Senate and 435 seats in the entire […]

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