Recording Available – ACA Huddle: Model Validation Notice – Your Questions Answered


John Bedard and Rozanne Andersen will cover the model validation notice. Meeting Recording Access Passcode: g?sW$eH0 Session Handouts The model validation notice included with the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau’s Reg F rule remains a source of questions for the accounts receivable management industry. In Wednesday’s ACA Huddle, John Bedard, owner of Bedard Law Group, and […]

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Recording Available – ACA Huddle: Revisiting Reg F


ACA’s Senior Counsel Colin Winkler is joined by legal and litigation trend experts and reviews the regulatory landscape since Reg F took effect. Meeting Recording Access Passcode: c^9&.%6u     It’s been over 6 months since Reg F went into effect and this ACA Huddle for members focuses on Reg F litigation trends and compliance […]

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Recording Now Available – ACA Huddle: Banking with the New CFPB of 2022


An update on how agencies can operate under the new CFPB in this members-only presentation, also featuring compliance, education, federal and state advocacy news from ACA staff. Meeting Recording Access Passcode: H5$qih1h ACA Huddle Presentation  CFPB Document CFPB Public Decisions  Join Chad Probst, senior vice president of sales at BillingTree, and Bonnie Finley, chief sales […]

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Recording Available – Advocacy on the ACA Huddle

ACA Huddle


An exclusive update on ACA’s advocacy efforts. Meeting Recording Access Passcode: [email protected]$n38t Updates about ACA International’s recent advocacy efforts, especially related to medical debt collections, as a preview to the Washington Insights Fly-In were presented during the May 4 ACA Huddle. Join Jack Brown, president, Gulf Coast Collection Bureau Inc.; Tim Haag, president, State Collection […]

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Recording Available – ACA Huddle: Changing Our Image


Wednesday’s webinar will bring together a business marketing expert and ACA members for a discussion on representing the accounts receivable management industry to regulators and consumers. Meeting Recording Access Passcode: 6.XB+tme Collectors of medical debt are under pressure like never before, with politicians and regulators claiming that the simple act of collecting unpaid medical bills […]

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Recording Available – ACA Huddle: Financial Literacy Month 101


This webinar for members includes an overview of how you can use the Know My Debt website during Financial Literacy Month and the need for more financial education in schools and for adults. Meeting Recording Access Passcode: Nd8AEZt* Financial Literacy Month is underway and this week’s ACA Huddle will focus on how the accounts receivable […]

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