Members of ACA International have come to rely on Collectors Insurance Agency's renowned Bond Program for more than 40 years. Automatic renewals, accelerated on-site document preparation, highly competitive rates and the Bond Unit's thorough knowledge of your bonding requirements combine to provide extraordinary service.

Statutory Bonds are currently required in 31 states (including the city of Buffalo, NY). As your agency's collection activity expands, your bond needs will too!

Blanket Client Bonds are available to meet your clients' requirements to be bonded when it involves a state that doesn't have a statutory bond requirement. Showing a prospect client that you're bonded can serve as a great sales tool.

Client Contract Bonds are available when your client requires that a bond be specific to their contract with you.

Contact our helpful staff at or call (952) 926-6547

Participation in ACA's Bond Program is subject to eligibility determined by the application process and membership status


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