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ACA in the News

Recent news coverage of ACA International and the credit and collection industry.

Recent Stories in the Media

October 20, 2016, ACA Daily
D.C. Circuit Court Hears Oral Argument in ACA Lawsuit Appealing FCC’s TCPA Order

October 13, 2016, Credit Union Times
Questions Lurk Over Navy Federal and CFPB

October 12, 2016, ACA Daily
Federal Appeals Court Rules CFPB is Unconstitutionally Structured

October 10, 2016, ACA Daily
ACA Submits Comments Opposing the CFPB’s Payday Lending Proposed Rule

October 3, 2016, ACA Daily
ACA Submits Comments on CFPB’s Proposed Consumer Complaint Closing Survey

September 23, 2016, ACA Daily
ACA Leadership to Give Exclusive Analysis of CFPB, Regulatory Activity at Fall Forum & Expo

September 20, 2016, ACA Daily
California Amends Identity Theft Requirements for Debt Collectors

September 14, 2016, ACA Daily
House Financial Services Committee Approves Critical CFPB Reforms

September 1, 2016, ACA Daily
Average Debt Collection Complaints to CFPB Continue to Decline

August 25, 2016, ACA Daily
Summary of the CFPB’s Outline of Proposals Under Consideration for Debt Collection Rulemaking

August 23, 2016, ACA Daily
ACA Submits Comments Opposing CFPB’s Proposed Rule on Arbitration

August 18, 2016, ACA Daily
New Research Shows Most Debt Collection Companies are Small Businesses Helping Other Small Businesses Thrive

August 16, 2016, ACA Daily
ACA’s Industry Advancement Program Aids Eleventh Circuit-Win for Member Company

August 11, 2016, ACA Daily
FCC Adopts TCPA Rules for Exemption of Federal Government Debt Collection Calls

August 8, 2016, USA Today
New Rules Won’t Stop Scammers: Opposing view

July 28, 2016, ACA Daily
CFPB Releases Outline of Proposals for Debt Collection Rulemaking

July 28, 2016, ACA Daily
Credit and Collection Industry Makes Voice Heard at CFPB Debt Collection Field Hearing

July 28, 2016, Buzzfeed
Debt Collectors Could Be Restrained by New Rules

July 28, 2016, Los Angeles Times
Proposed Rules Would Limit Harassment by Debt Collectors

July 28, 2016, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
Consumer Watchdog Proposes New Rules to Curb Abuses by Debt Collectors

July 28, 2016, USA Today
Debt Collectors Could Face New Limits on Calls

July 28, 2016, Washington Post
Why You Could Soon Face Fewer Calls from Debt Collectors

July 26, 2016, ACA Daily
ACA to Host Important Teleseminar on CFPB’s Debt Collection Outline of Proposals Under Consideration

July 15, 2016, ACA Daily
CFPB Announces Field Hearing on Debt Collection

July 13, 2016, ACA Daily
House Financial Services Committee Holds Hearing on Financial CHOICE Act

July 12, 2016, ACA Daily
ACA Industry Advancement Support Helps Secure Victory for Collection Industry in 8th Circuit FDCPA Case

July 6, 2016, ACA Daily
ACA Member Meets with U.S. Rep. David McKinley

June 29, 2016, ACA Daily
Supreme Court Won’t Hear Madden Case, Leaving Unanswered Question about Competing State Laws

June 23, 2016, ACA Daily
ACA Members Continue Talks on CFPB, TCPA with U.S. Rep. Scott Garrett

June 20, 2016, ACA Daily
ACA Applauds Industry Leaders in Advocacy and Education at Convention Awards Ceremony

June 20, 2016, ACA Daily
ACA International Announces Loomer-Mortenson Scholarship Winners

June 20, 2016, Legal Newsline
Group Calls for TCPA Reform

June 17, 2016, ACA Daily
ACA Board of Directors Selects New President-Elect, Treasurer

June 16, 2016, ACA Daily
ACA International’s 2016 Convention and Expo Starts Today in Denver

June 13, 2016, ACA Daily
ACA Submits Comments on CFPB’s Student Loan Borrower Communications RFI

June 6, 2016, ACA Daily
ACA International White Paper Shows How Outdated TCPA Only Serves to Enrich Plaintiff Attorneys

June 3, 2016, ACA Daily
CFPB Releases Proposed Rule on Payday Lending and Other Small Dollar Loans

May 23, 2016, ACA Daily
CFPB’s Latest Regulatory Agenda Signals Slight Delay in Next Step for Debt Collection Rulemaking

May 20, 2016, ACA Daily
Data Shows Second Year of Declines in Consumer Debt Collection Complaints

May 17, 2016, ACA Daily
U.S. Supreme Court Rules Favorably in Case Impacting Collection Industry, Supported by ACA International

May 13, 2016, ACA Daily
ACA International Denounces CFPB’s Proposed Rule to Limit Arbitration as Evidence of Unbalanced Regulation

May 10, 2016, ACA Daily
ACA Releases New White Paper Questioning Data in CFPB’s Consumer Complaint Database

May 9, 2016, ACA Daily
FCC Releases TCPA Proposed Rule on Government Debt Collection Calls

May 6, 2016, ACA Daily
CFPB Moves Forward With Proposed Rule on Arbitration, Lays Groundwork to Eliminate Arbitration Agreements

May 4, 2016, ACA Daily
ACA Releases New White Paper Countering the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau’s Servicemember Complaint Report

April 22, 2016, ACA Daily
ACA Members Meet with House Speaker Paul Ryan at Washington Insights Conference

April 21, 2016, ACA Daily
Legendary Journalist Bob Woodward Kicks off Washington Insights Conference

April 14, 2016, CNHI Network
Service Members Hounded by Debt Collectors

April 11, 2016, ACA Daily
CFPB Office of Consumer Response Highlights Complaint Trends in Annual Report

April 7, 2016, ACA Daily
FTC Releases Annual Highlights Report on Education, Enforcement

April 1, 2016, ACA Daily
ACA Member CBE Group Defeats TCPA Claim Over Proprietary Dialing System

March 31, 2016, NBC News
Why Are So Many Military Families Dealing With Debt Collectors?

March 29, 2016, ACA Daily
CFPB Returns Focus to Debt Collection Complaints in Monthly Report

March 29, 2016, ACA Daily
Supreme Court Hears FDCPA Case

March 23, 2016, ACA Daily
U.S. Rep. Dave Trott Returns to Washington Insights Conference

March 14, 2016, ACA Daily
ACA’s Spring Forum Concludes in Las Vegas

March 14, 2016, ACA Daily
FCC’s Proposed Rule Includes Limits on Calls, Autodialer Restrictions

March 10, 2016, ACA Daily
ACA Welcomes Hundreds of Credit and Collection Professionals to Spring Forum

March 9, 2016, ACA Daily
ACA Releases Industry Advancement Program Judicial Advocacy Report Update

March 8, 2016, ACA Daily
ACA International Releases New FCRA Compliance Guide for Debt Collection

February 24, 2016, ACA Daily
ACA Issues White Paper Response on Importance of Complaint Data Context

February 19, 2016, ACA Daily
CFPB Issues Final Policy on No-Action Letters

February 11, 2016, ACA Daily
IRS Commissioner Pushes Back Timeline for Private Debt Collection Program

February 4, 2016, ACA Daily
House of Representatives Passes Legislation to End Operation Choke Point

February 4, 2016, ACA Daily
ACA Industry Advancement Support Helps Secure Victory in 9th Circuit TCPA Case

January 28, 2016, Modern Healthcare 
Hospital Company Sued After FCC Tightens Medical Debt Collection Rules

January 27, 2016, Auto Remarketing
How Collections Pushed $45B Back into US Economy

January 27, 2016, New-Press.com
Make Harassing Callers Pay

January 26, 2016, ACA Daily
New ACA White Paper Released: The Role of Third-Party Debt Collection in the U.S. Economy

January 19, 2016, ACA Daily
ACA Research Department Releases New Whitepaper on Diversity in Debt Collection

January 18, 2016, ACA Daily
FCC Files Brief with DC Circuit in ACA’s Challenge to TCPA Order

January 14, 2016, ACA Daily
CFPB’s Broad Use of UDAAP Authority Continues to Fuel Regulatory Uncertainty

January 8, 2016, ACA Daily
FTC Announces Enforcement Actions Under Operation Collection Protection

January 6, 2016, ACA Daily
CFPB Provides Annual Report to Congressional Appropriations Committees

December 21, 2015, ACA Daily
Omnibus Bill Includes Overhaul of Student Loan Servicing Standards

December 17, 2015, ACA Daily
CFPB Issues Bulletin on In-Person Collection of Consumer Debt

December 15, 2015, ACA Daily
Registration Now Open for the 2016 ACA International Spring Forum & Expo in Las Vegas

December 7, 2015, ACA Daily
IRS Partnership with Debt Collection Agencies Becomes Law

December 3, 2015, ACA Daily
26 Diverse Organizations File Briefs Supporting ACA’s TCPA Lawsuit Against the FCC

November 28, 2015, National Law Review
Joint Petitioners File Initial Brief in Consolidated Appeal of FCC’s TCPA Order

November 25, 2015, ACA Daily
ACA International Files Joint Brief in D.C. Circuit Challenging TCPA Order

November 24, 2015, ACA Daily
ACA International Announces Date Changes for 2016 Washington Insights Conference to April 20-21 to Accommodate a New Congressional Schedule

November 24, 2015, ACA Daily
Study: Researchers Examine Relationship Between Creditors and Third-Party Collectors

November 24, 2015, Auto Remarketing
3 reasons to attend ACA’s Washington Insights Conference

November 18, 2015, ACA Daily
FTC Holds Third Debt Collection Dialogue in Atlanta

November 10, 2015, ACA Daily
Analysis: CFPB Releases its Latest Supervisory Highlights Report

November 10, 2015, Auto Remarketing
ACA International Cautions Regulators Over Generalizations in Collections

November 9, 2015, ACA Daily
ACA International, Encouraged by the Federal Trade Commission’s New Effort to Stop Scammers and Bad Actors Posing as Legitimate Debt Collectors, Warns that the Scope of the Program Could Snare Legitimate Businesses

November 9, 2015, NPR News
IRS May Soon Use Private Debt Collectors 

October 29, 2015, Bloomberg Business
Cell Phone Ringing? It May Be a Robocaller for Uncle Sam’s Debt

October 28, 2015, ACA Daily
Using Modern Dialing Equipment for Government Debt Would Be Allowed Under Bi-Partisan Congressional Budget Bill

October 13, 2015, ACA Daily
ACA International’s Industry Advancement Program Helps Member Fight Consumer Attorney’s Sanctions Appeal

October 6, 2015, ACA Daily
Study Shows Role Debt Collectors Play in Alerting Consumers to Identity Theft

October 2, 2015, ACA Daily
ACA Members Dominate List of Best Places to Work in Collections

October 2, 2015, ACA Daily
House Financial Services Committee Advances Bills Backed by ACA International to Reform the CFPB

September 30, 2015, ACA Daily
ACA Engages with Federal, State Regulators at FTC’s Second Debt Collection Dialogue

September 24, 2015, American Banker
Can an App Fix Debt Collectors’ Image? This Startup Thinks So

September 16, 2015, ACA Daily
ACA International’s Lawsuit Challenging the FCC’s New Telephone Consumer Protection Act Ruling Earns Wide Multi-Industry Support

September 14, 2015, ACA Daily
ARMing Heroes Opens Annual No Debts for Vets Charity Fundraising Drive

September 14, 2015, Bloomberg Business
Data Shows Double-Digit Decline in Debt Collection Complaints, says ACA International

September 4, 2015, The National Law Review
Two Additional Challenges to FCC’s July 10, 2015 Declaratory Ruling and Order

September 1, 2015, CreditCards.com
Debt Collection Abuse Goes Both Ways

September 1, 2015, Marketplace.org
Medical Debt Collectors Up in Arms Over FCC Ruling

August 29, 2015, Modern Healthcare 
Medical Debt Collectors Frustrated by FCC Cellphone Ruling

August 29, 2015, ACA Daily
ACA Submits Comments in Response to the CFPB’s RFI on Complaint Data Normalization

August 25, 2015, ACA Daily
New Call Intervention App Supported by the FTC Could Harm Legitimate Businesses and Prevent Consumers from Receiving Important Information

August 24, 2015, ACA Daily
Debt Collectors Help Alert Students to Identity Theft

August 17, 2015, ACA Daily
More Groups Want To Be Part of ACA’s TCPA Lawsuit Against FCC

August 10, 2015, ACA Daily
Debt Collection Agencies Enter Fray Against FCC

August 5, 2015, ACA Daily
ACA Releases New TCPA SearchPoint Documents

July 27, 2015, Reed Smith
Appealing News Regarding the TCPA

July 23, 2015, ACA Daily
ACA’s New President Installed at Annual Convention

July 23, 2015, ACA Daily
Loomer-Mortenson Scholarship Winners Recognized at ACA Convention

July 10, 2015, ACA Daily
ACA International Files Lawsuit Against FCC Citing that a Recent Ruling on the Telephone Consumer Protection Act is at Odds with the Original Intent of the Law

July 10, 2015, ACA Daily
FCC Releases Ruling on TCPA, Effective Immediately

June 18, 2015, ACA Daily
Federal Communications Commission Approves Ruling on the Telephone Consumer Protection Act

June 15, 2015, International Business Times
Regulators Concerned With Consumer Threats Attempt Dialogue With Debt Collectors

June 9, 2015, ACA Daily
ACA Staff and Members Prepare to Join Debt Collection Dialogue in New York

June 5, 2015, ACA Daily
ACA International Supports the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau Accountability Act of 2015

June 5, 2015, ACA Daily
ACA International Supports the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau Accountability Act of 2015

May 27, 2015, ACA Daily
ACA International Responds to the CFPB’s RFI on Positive Company Feedback

May 19, 2015, ACA Daily
ACA’s Grassroots Campaign Against Operation Choke Point is Growing

May 6, 2015, ACA Daily
ACA International Urges the U.S. Senate to Consider Legislation that Aims to Reform the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau

April 29, 2015, ACA Daily
ACA International Board of Directors Supports Legislation to End Operation Choke Point

April 27, 2015, ACA Daily
ACA International Board of Directors Supports Legislative Reform of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau

April 27, 2015, SafeBee
Protecting Yourself from Predatory Debt Collectors

April 23, 2015, ACA Daily
FTC and New York Attorney General to Host Dialogue with Debt Collection Industry in June

April 23, 2015, ACA Daily
Charles Krauthammer Shares Personal, Humorous Stories at ACA’s Washington Insights Conference

April 22, 2015, ACA Daily
U.S. Rep. Greg Walden Discusses TCPA During ACA International Washington Insights Talk

April 17, 2015, CreditCards.com
Pay For Delete: A Shady Credit-Report Cleanup Practice

April 8, 2015, ACA Daily
ACA International Releases Industry Advancement Program Judicial Advocacy Report

March 1, 2015, AARP Bulletin
Dunned for Fake Debt

February 25, 2015, Star Tribune
Why a Debt Collection Letter Doesn’t Look Like It’s From a Debt Collector

January 15, 2015, Credit.com
Consumer Advocates, Debt Collectors Lock Horns Over Robocalls to Cellphones

December 20, 2014, NBC News
Debt Collectors Hound Millions of Retired Americans

November 21, 2014, InsideARM.com
ACA and DBA Issue Support for Federal Action Against Rogue Collectors

November 18, 2014, Credit.com
When You’re Most Likely to Get a Call From a Debt Collector

October 30, 2014, CreditCardGuide.com
8 Tips to Deal with Debt Collectors Like a Pro

October 14, 2014, InsideARM.com
ACA International Issues Statement on the Regulation of Debt Collection Attorneys’ Litigation Activities

October 14, 2014, Marketwatch.com
A Day in the Life of a Debt Collector

October 8, 2014, NerdWallet.com
Medical Debt Crisis Worsening Despite Policy Advances

September 17, 2014, Credit.com
6 Things Debt Collectors Wish You Knew

September 16, 2014, American Banker
Tech Startup Vows to Make Debt Collection Smarter, Friendlier

September 16, 2014, NPR.org
With Debt Collection, Your Bank Account Could Be At Risk

September 15, 2014, NPR.org
When Consumer Debts Go Unpaid, Paychecks Can Take A Big Hit

September 12, 2014, InsideARM.com
Consumer Group Calls for CFPB Oversight of Medical Debt Collection in Report

September 4, 2014, Washington Post
Department of Education Criticized for How it Pays Debt Collectors to Chase Student Loan Dollars

August 27, 2014, Vox.com
Inside the Practice of Collecting Money From Dead People

August 26, 2014, Yahoo Finance
Debt Collectors Are Trying a New Strategy to Win People Over: Friendliness

August 6, 2014, InsideARM.com
Study Shows Collection Agencies Recovering More Debt at Lower Pay with Fewer Collectors

August 1, 2014, Credit.com
Debt Collectors’ Jobs Just Got Harder

July 30, 2014, Charleston Daily Mail
WV Ranks High for Delinquent Debts

July 25, 2014, AWordofMouth.com 
Learn How To Collect on Bad Business Accounts

July 24, 2014, CreditCards.com
Small Debts Can Lead to Big Credit Score Problems

July 19, 2014, CNBC.com
Feds Crack Down on Debt Collection ’Factory’

July 2, 2014, AccountsRecovery.net
Communication Key To Working Well With State Regulators

July 2, 2014, Credit.com
The True Story of a Debt Collector That Can’t Pay Its Own Debt

June 25, 2014, AccountsRecovery.net
Managing Compliance Key To Success

June 21, 2014, The Cleveland Plain Dealer
Your Debt Collection Questions Answered

June 19, 2014, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
Debt Collectors Turn to Social Media to Track Down Delinquents

June 18, 2014, AccountsRecovery.net
ACA Convention Offers Unique Educational, Networking Opportunities

June 18, 2014, Macomb Daily, MI
Company Helps to Change the Face of Debt

June 13, 2014, The Wall Street Journal
Student Debt Takes a Bite Out of More Paychecks

May 30, 2014, Credit.com
What Happens If I Ignore Debt Collectors?

May 11, 2014, InsideARM.com
U.S. Senate Bill Would Allow Private Collectors to Work for IRS Again

May 11, 2014, Star Advertiser, Honolulu
Consumers Do Have Rights Regarding Debt Collectors

May 8, 2014, American Banker
State Courts Join Widening Debt-Collection Crackdown

April 30, 2014, KSL-TV, Salt Lake City
What You Should Know About Debt Collectors

April 20, 2014, Bloomberg
Property-Tax Collections Rising at Fastest Pace Since U.S. Crash

April 10, 2014, CNBC
Why Financial Education Just Doesn’t Stick

April 7, 2014, Consumer Eagle
TCPA Clarification Efforts May Undercut Consumer Rights

April 4, 2014, WFXT-TV, Boston
Winter Debt Leading to Spring Collection Calls

April 3, 2014, Louisville Business First
When the Debt Collector Comes Calling, it’s Good to Know Your Rights

April 3, 2014, Small Business Trends
Report: People Complain About Debt Collection, Even If You Do It Right

March 25, 2014, Credit.com
Debt Collectors Respond to Your Top Complaints

March 21, 2014, InsideARM.com
CFPB Issues Annual FDCPA Report to Congress with Focus on Complaints

March 20, 2014, Collections & Credit Risk
CFPB Falls Short in Report on Collection Complaints: ACA

March 14, 2014, WTXF-TV, Philadelphia
Secrets of Debt Collection Agencies

March 10, 2014, National Law Review
Telephone Consumer Protection Act Petitions Keep Pouring Into the Federal Communications Commission

March 10, 2014, The Consumer Eagle
CFPB Database Sheds Light on Financial Industry

March 7, 2014, U.S. News & World Report
Best Jobs of 2014 - Bill Collector

March 4, 2014, NBC News
Mistaken Identity Top Complaint Against Debt Collectors

March 1, 2014, Nevada Business Magazine
Digging up the Debt: Nevada’s Collections Industry

February 18, 2014, WUTC-AM, Chattanooga
Questions About Debt? ’Ask Doctor Debt’ Can Help

February 13, 2014, Associated Press
New Billing Standards to Help Patients with Debt

February 13, 2014, WPRI-TV, Rhode Island
Dealing with Debt Collector

February 11, 2014, American Banker
Courthouse ’Rocket Dockets’ Give Debt Collectors Edge Over Debtors

February 10, 2014, Wisconsin State Journal
Collecting Debt for More Than 60 Years

January 29, 2014, WDJT-TV, Milwaukee
Credit Report Errors Costing Consumers Big Bucks

January 21, 2014, KLAS-TV, Las Vegas
8 on Your Side: Tips on Handling Debt Collectors

January 16, 2014, Forbes
Hospitals Ordered to Halt ’Extraordinary’ Debt Collection -- For Now

January 15, 2014, Collections & Credit Risk
Task Force Announces Best Practices for Medical Bill Payment

January 15, 2014, Fox Business
How Long Does it Take for a Medical Debt to Go to Collections?

January 15, 2014, InsideARM.com
ACA, HFMA Release Final Best Practices for Medical Debt Collection

January 15, 2014, InsidePatientFinance.com
HFMA, ACA Release Final Medical Debt Resolution Best Practices

January 9, 2014, Global Banking and Finance Review
Debt Collectors Agree - It’s time to Modernize Debt Collectors

January 9, 2014, Yahoo Finance
The Ultimate Guide to Debt Collectors

January 7, 2014, KNXV-TV Phoenix
Know Your Rights if a Debt Collector Threatens You With Jail or Harm for Not Paying

January 7, 2014, Star Tribune, Minnesota
AG: Debt Collector Charged 22% on Money That Wasn’t Owed

December 16, 2013, Fox Business
Uncle Sam Wants…Your Gripes About Debt Collectors

December 7, 2013, Hartford Courant
Debt Collectors Now on Consumer Agency’s Radar

December 1, 2013, El Paso Inc.
Debt Collection Rules May Change

November 27, 2013, InsideARM.com
ARM Industry Campaign for Hurricane Sandy Victims Helps Family Go Home for Thanksgiving

November 27, 2013, InsideARM.com
Missouri Debt Collectors Give Back Locally

November 25, 2013, Atlanta Journal-Constitution
Debt Collectors Now on Consumer Agency’s Radar

November 19, 2013, Philadelphia Daily News
Wanted: Input on Debt Collection

November 17, 2013, Boston Globe
Agency Looking for Input on Debt Collectors’ Practices

November 17, 2013, The Wall Street Journal
Curbs on Cellphone Calls Pay Off for Lawyers

November 15, 2013, Washington Post
Talk Back on Debt Collection

November 14, 2013, AccountsRecovery.net
Q&A With Pat Morris, ACA International’s CEO

November 13, 2013, WCHB-AM, Lansing
Important Tips for Consumers to Identify Legitimate Debt Collection in Michigan

November 11, 2013, WKXW-FM, New Jersey
NJ Residents Warned Against Scamming Debt Collectors

November 10, 2013, WITI, Milwaukee
Contact 6 Helps Put an End to Four-Year Debt Collection Saga

November 8, 2013, New York Times
Consumer Watchdog Takes Up Debt Collection

November 6, 2013, Philadelphia Inquirer
Stricter Debt-Collection Rules in the Works

November 6, 2013, Reuters
U.S. Regulator Prepares Crackdown on Debt Collectors

November 6, 2013, The Wall Street Journal
Debt Collectors Face New Federal Rules

November 5, 2013, Globe Gazette, Iowa
Debt-Collection Pros Offer Tips for Consumers

November 5, 2013, KSTU-FOX 13, Salt Lake City
How to ID Real Debt Collectors and Scammers

November 5, 2013, Omaha World Herald
Nebraska Collectors Association Denounces Illegal Practices

November 5, 2013, Washington Post
Debt Collectors Face New Rules Under Proposal from Consumer Financial Protection Bureau

October 30, 2013, InsideARM.com
FOX News is Now Throwing Debt Collectors Under the Bus

October 16, 2013, WKSU Public Radio, OH
Ohio Receives Failing Grades in Debt Collections Report

October 10, 2013, Collections & Credit Risk
Consumer Group Releases Report Attacking Collection Laws

October 10, 2013, Collections & Credit Risk
Debt Buyer Named to Forbes’ 100 List

October 10, 2013, InsideARM.com
Consumer Group Issues Scathing Report on Debt Collection Laws; ACA Responds

September 30, 2013, Credit.com
Can a Debt Collector Double My Debt?

September 26, 2013, CreditCards.com
FTC Says :( to Debt Collection Text Messages

September 23, 2013, Virginian-Pilot
Turnips can bleed: The Portfolio Recovery story

September 13, 2013, Collections & Credit Risk
Class-Action Suit Alleging Deceit by Attorneys is an Important Lesson for Consumers

September 9, 2013, WJBK FOX 2, Detroit
Personal Finance Tips for Young Adults

September 9, 2013, WTVR CBS 6, Richmond
Money Tips for Young Adults

September 5, 2013, Bloomberg Business Week
Debt Collectors Get More U.S. Consumer Bureau Oversight

September 4, 2013, The Wall Street Journal
CFPB Warns of Crackdown if Credit-Report Errors Aren’t Fixed

August 19, 2013, KAZM-AM, Phoenix
Arizona Collectors Association Offers Financial Tips for Young Adults

August 20, 2013, Omaha World-Herald
Fed Up With Harassment, Debtors Turn the Tables on Overly Aggressive Bill Collectors

August 19, 2013, KTVK-TV, Phoenix
Financial Tips for Young Adults

August 18, 2013, MainStreet
Student Loan Crisis Secret: This May be the Unexpected Solution

August 18, 2013, The Spokesman-Review, Spokane, WA
Collection Agency Aims to Establish Good Rapport with Customers

August 13, 2013, Stars and Stripes
Veteran Dismisses His Abusive Practices Suit Against Debt Collector

August 9, 2013, Green Bay Gazette
Association Seeks to Keep Debt Collection Professional

August 3, 2013, Houston Chronicle
Q&A: When the Debt Collector Calls

August 1, 2013, Appleton Post-Crescent, WI
Newsmaker - Answers About Debt Collection

July 31, 2013, WWBT, Richmond
On Your Side Alert: Debt Collection Myths

July 31, 2013, WCCO, Minnesota
New MN Law Seeks To Protect People From Debt Collectors

July 25, 2013, InsideARM.com
Working Together: ACA International and CFPB

July 22, 2013, InsideARM.com
ACA International Welcomes New President, Board Officers and Board Directors

July 17, 2013, The Morning Call, Allentown, PA
Debt Collectors Warned to Play Fair

July 12, 2013, Austin Business Journal
Debt Collectors Need Many Government Rules Updated

July 10, 2013, Automotive News
Auto Lenders Be Warned: Feds Fine Texas Bill Collector $3.2 Million

July 10, 2013, Dallas Morning News
Consumer Financial Protection Bureau Warns Companies About Debt Collection Practices

July 10, 2013, InsideARM.com
Variety of Voices Featured at CFPB Debt Collection Field Hearing

July 10, 2013, KOMO TV, Seattle
Abusive Debt Collectors? CFPB to Resolve Complaints

July 10, 2013, Portland Press Herald
Mistreated by Debt Collector? Tell Regulators

July 10, 2013, NBC News
Feds Will Now Help Resolve Debt Collection Complaints

July 9, 2013, Post-Bulletin, Rochester, MN
Collection Agencies Keep Credit System Working

July 2, 2013, American Banker
OCC Pressures Banks to Clean Up Card Debt Sales

July 2, 2013, The Times Picayune
New Debt Collections Office Will Fund First State Trooper Class in Five Years

July 1, 2013, American Banker
Chase Halts Card Debt Sales Ahead of Crackdown

June 29, 2013, Omaha World-Herald
Scrutiny Puts Debt Collectors’ Focus More on Service

June 22, 2013, Daily Press, Virginia
Budget tips: How to Handle Debt Collectors

June 22, 2013, St. Cloud Times, Minnesota
Array Leader Philosophy: First Respect, then Collect Debt

June 21, 2013, InsideARM.com
ACA and HFMA Team Up on Medical Debt Collection Guidelines

June 20, 2013, Credit.com
Love Letters to … Debt Collectors?

May 23, 2013, Birmingham News
Birmingham Collection Agency AmSher Suspends Collections in Oklahoma in Wake of Tornado

May 17, 2013, Marketplace Money
7 Tips on What to Do If You’re Being Harassed by a Debt Collector

May 15, 2013, Green Bay Press Gazette
Using a Collection Agency for Debts

May 13, 2013, Honolulu Star-Advertiser
Communication Key in Dealing with Debt Agency

May 1, 2013, Knoxville News Sentinel
Tennessee Collectors Association Elects New Officers

April 29, 2013, WTVT-TV Tampa
How to Deal With a Debt Collector

April 17, 2013, Credit.com
Debt Collectors Killing Your Credit? Here’s What To Do

April 17, 2013, Tuscaloosa News
City Fails to Collect Past-Due Bonanza

April 14, 2013, Boston Globe
Facing Questions, DAs Suspend Outsourcing of Bad Check Cases

April 10, 2013, Daily Press, Hampton Roads, VA
Virginia Literacy Month: What to do when a debt collector calls

April 10, 2013, InsideARM.com
ACA’s New Jersey Unit Leading Recovery Efforts for Hurricane Sandy Victims

March 26, 2013, Collections & Credit Risk
ACA International Comments on CFPB’s Report to Congress

March 25, 2013, Fox Business
Expiration Dates Fuzzy on old Card Debt

March 25, 2013, Portland Business Journal
Five Questions for a Debt Collector

March 12, 2013, InsideARM.com
ACA: Debt Collectors Continue to be National Leaders in Resolving Consumer Complaints

March 10, 2013, Press of Atlantic City
Bottom Lines: Debt Collectors Make It Possible For the Rest Of Us to Pay Less For Things

March 8, 2013, Mlive.com, Michigan
Judge Dials ’D-I-S-M-I-S-S-E-D’ In Phone Call Case

March 7, 2013, Thomson Reuters
States Probing Top U.S. Banks Over Debt Collection

March 5, 2013, Bloomberg Law
Debt collection Group Objects to FTC Complaint Report Findings

March 1, 2013, Columbia Regional Business Report
Debt collectors recover nearly $600M in S.C .

March 1, 2013, InsideARM.com
ACA International Supports National Consumer Protection Week

February 22, 2013, WYFF-TV, Greenville, SC
A Look Inside the Largest Debt Collection Center in South Carolina

February 13, 2013, WILX-TV, Lansing
Michiganders Deal with Debt Collectors

February 6, 2013, CNN
Debt Collection Horror Stories

February 4, 2013, American Banker
Why Debt Collectors Should Not ’Friend’ Debtors on Facebook

January 24, 2013, Dallas Observer News

January 22, 2013, Mississippi Public Broadcasting
Money Talks: Debt Collectors & Debtors

December 26, 2012, WBZ-TV, Boston
New Agency Will Begin Policing Debt Collectors

December 24, 2012, AnnArbor.com
As Retailers Rejoice in December, Debt Collectors Despair

December 13, 2012, InsideARM.com
CFPB Privileged Communications Legislation Passes Congress with Push from ACA

December 13, 2012, InsideARM.com
Thank You ACA International: Your Hard Work is Paying Off!

December 11, 2012, WPXQ, New London, CT
For the Record, New England Collectors Association

December 6, 2012, InsideARM.com
ACA International Sets CFPB Compliance Training Dates

December 4, 2012, InsideARM.com
ACA International Introduces Robert L. Föehl as Vice President and General Counsel

November 27, 2012, InsideARM.com
ACA International Announces CFPB Compliance Program

November 12, 2012, InsideARM.com
Debt Collection Resources for Active and Veteran Military Personnel

November 8, 2012, KCTV5, Kansas City, MO
Handling Debt Collections

November 4, 2012, Dallas Morning News
Feds to Start Supervising Large Debt Collectors in January

November 3, 2012, Statesman Journal Media, Salem, OR
Tips For Handling Any Outstanding Debt

October 31, 2012, USA Today
Consumers Getting a Hand with Debt Collectors

October 23, 2012, The Washington Post
CFPB Issues Rules for Governing Debt Collectors

October 23, 2012, Smithfield Herald, Smithfield, NC
Smithfield Struggles to Collect Bad Debt

October 20, 2012, The Virginian-Pilot
Norfolk-Based Company to Add Almost 250 Jobs

October 18, 2012, Gulf Coast Business Review, Sarasota, FL
Economic Forecast - Jack Brown, Gulf Coast Collection Bureau

October 13, 2012, The Columbus Dispatch
Most Debt Collection Agencies Play By Rules

October 12, 2012, InsideARM.com
ACA International Dispels Myths About Consumer Debt Collection

October 12, 2012, Collections & Credit Risk
ACA Releases Industry Myth Busters

October 1, 2012, Toledo Blade
Bad Debt

September 29, 2012, KUOW Puget Sound Public Radio, Seattle, WA
Elusive Evergreen State Professor Found In Chile

September 26, 2012, InsidePatientFinance.com
Associations Find Proposed IRS Regs for Healthcare Collections Burdensome

September 26, 2012, Brevard Time, Brevard County, FL
Debtors’ Prisons Are Not Returning

September 25, 2012, InsideARM.com
ACA Responds to Negative Student Loan Debt Collection Article

September 20, 2012, InsideARM.com
ARM Industry Meeting Congress Today on FDCPA, TCPA, CFPB

September 19, 2012, U.S. News & World Report
Debt Collectors May Seek You Out Via Facebook

September 19, 2012, South Florida Sun-Sentinel
Free Websites Give Info on Debt Collection

September 18, 2012, InsideARM.com
Debt Collectors Prevail in Recent FDCPA Cases

September 17, 2012, Collections & Credit Risk
ACA Files Brief with Supreme Court in FDCPA Case

September 2, 2012, Atlanta Journal Constitution
Debt Payment Key to Banks’ Survival

August 23, 2012, Fox Business
Supreme Court Case Could Curb Debt Collection Lawsuit

August 20, 2012, CreditCards.com
Supreme Court Case Could Curb Debt Collection Lawsuit

August 9, 2012, InsideARM.com
ACA International Announces New Health Insurance Program for Members

August 6, 2012, UltimateSpring.com, TX
Credit Association Enlists Texans for Leadership Roles

August 3, 2012, CreditCards.com
Ron Brown, Skip Tracer, Talks Debt Collecting

July 27th, 2012, InsideARM.com
ACA International Elects New Leadership

July 25th, 2012, InsideARM.com
International Education Foundation Announces 2012 Scholarship Winners

July 20th, 2012, CreditCards.com
Consumer Financial Protection Bureau Watchdog Turns 1

July 20th, 2012, Fox Business
Though Bad Debts Fall, Lawsuits Over Collection Practices Rise

July 19th, 2012, Business 2 Community
Debtors and Collectors: Both Sides of the Coin

July 18th, 2012, CreditCards.com
Though Bad Debts Fall, Lawsuits Over Collection Practices Rise

July 11th, 2012, KHON2, Honolulu, HI
How to Talk to Creditors

June 12th, 2012, InsideARM.com
ACA International Announces New Government Affairs Staff

May 9th, 2012, InsideARM.com
Report Distorts Student Loan Debt Collection: ACA International

May 8th, 2012, San Francisco Chronicle
Student-Loan Debt Collection Criticized in Report

May 7th, 2012, KDVR.com, Denver, CO
What Debt Collectors Can and Cannot Do

April 28, 2012, CantonRep.com
City Considers Hiring Collection Agency

April 27, 2012, Columbus Business First
Consumer Financial Protection Bureau Focusing on Debt Collectors

April 27, 2012, InsideARM.com
ACA Reiterates: Debtors’ Prisons Don’t Exist, Nor Are They Returning

April 26, 2012, The Sacramento Bee
Debtors Seethe, Sue Over Collector Tactics

April 26, 2012, The Wall Street Journal
Debtors’ Prisons Don’t Exist, Nor Are They Returning

April 16, 2012, 90.3 WCPN, Northeast Ohio Public Radio
Recession Era Not Necessarily Kind To Debt Collectors

April 12, 2012, Dayton Daily News
Collectors Coming After More Debtors

April 12, 2012, InsideARM.com
ACA & DBA Respond to New York Times Unnuanced Piece on Collection Industry

April 7, 2012, Fox News
How to Deal with Debt Collectors

March 14, 2012, Credit.com
8 Things Debt Collectors Won’t Tell You

March 14, 2012, KTWO/K2 Radio, Wyoming
Ask Dr Debt, Website Offers Info On Collection Process

March 12, 2012, InsideARM.com
FDCPA Reform Bill with "Foti Fix" Gains Industry Support

March 9, 2012, Marketplace Business
Chasing Your Debt

Feb. 29, 2012, Collections & CreditRisk
ACA International Responds To FTC Report On Consumer Complaints

Feb. 29, 2012, InsideARM.com
Unverified Debt Collection Complaints Rise in FTC’s 2011 Report

Feb. 23, 2012, Government Executive
Consumer Finance Bureau Under Cordray Makes its Presence Felt

Feb. 23, 2012, Forbes
The Myth of the Debt Collection Boom

Feb. 22, 2012, InsideARM.com
"Ask Doctor Debt": A Debt Collection Resource For Active Military Personnel


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