Virtual Convention 2020 Session: Increasing Agency Collector Performance

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Ron Brown - Collection Services International

The most successful contact strategies require different tactics at various stages of the claim's life cycle. If you do not have the available and properly trained staff to make potentially hundreds of calls per day, your right-party contact rates could suffer. Or, perhaps your collectors have the most impact during the mid or late stage when they can leverage relationships and utilize creative collections methods. This session will provide the tools and techniques required to identify the collection team's strengths and weaknesses and determine where they can make the greatest impact. During this session you will discover benefits of fully evaluating the effort expended and the consistent performance of your collection staff. Helping you to determine the overall success of your collectors and the strategies they are utilizing. Not only does collector evaluation allow you to determine the dollar amount being collected, but it can also identify opportunities to improve efficiencies and potential compliance violations.

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