Virtual Convention 2020 Session: Small Fish, Big Pond: Building a World Class Business that Swims Circles Around Competitors

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Jeff Mains - Intelligent Contacts

What do exceptional companies do well that mediocre companies do poorly or not at all? How do some companies achieve rapid growth while others plateau? What can business leaders learn from fish?Based on his new book Jeff delivers proven strategies for small companies to compete, and consistently win over large, established players. Instead of trying to be the next shark, leaders who embrace their uniqueness change the rules of the game. These leaders create a buying frenzy and unleash massive growth potential. Size becomes irrelevant. The small eat the big!Designed for companies too small to be big, and yet too big to be small, gain timely and actionable insight successful entrepreneurs use to transform corporate culture, captivate ideal prospects, and future-proof their companies. Entrepreneurs learn how to drive new revenue while delivering so much value that competitors end up spinning in circles.You're either an innovator or replaceable. You're either predator or prey. The choice is yours.

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