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"Individual" State Collection Laws & Practices - Electronic 1yr. annual subscription with regular monthly updates.

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The "Individual State" electronic version of ACA's Guide to State Collection Laws & Practices is for those who collect in one or two states individually. This subscription to your state laws provides vital information in one convenient location with the most up-to-date information. This cost effective, electronic version grants one year's access online, providing access to critical state collection laws. Changes are highlighted and dated for your convenience. Providing a comprehensive summary of the laws and regulations that apply to collection practices along with access to additional state information such as:

  • Interstate Collections
  • Contact/Fee Information
  • Additional Resources

The state sections also cover:

  • Licensing or registration.
  • Bond requirements.
  • Trust accounts.
  • Statutory regulatory requirements.
  • Debt responsibilities.
  • Resident office requirements.
  • Requirement for communications.
  • Exemption for out-of-state agencies or others.
  • Legal age.
  • Statutes of limitation for civil actions.

Electronic subscriptions do not come with a hard copy of the book, but you may print the portions from the electronic version as needed.

Important Note: As of October 1, for your convenience, after one year initial access, you will be automatically billed for another years' subscription online access unless ACA is otherwise notified. You will have 30-days to remit payment before your subscription expires.

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