Hot Topics Download: Preparing for AI and Evolving Consumer Preferences (7/18/2018)

Prepare Your Business for Artificial Intelligence.

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Hot Topic:  Preparing for AI and Evolving Consumer Preferences
Recorded: July 18, 2018

As artificial intelligence gains traction as a preferred method for communicating with consumers, debt collectors must adapt to new contact methods to maintain a competitive edge. ACA’s expert instructors will share the latest in AI along with the best methods for communicating with consumers. Professionals from Diversified Consultants Inc. (DCI) and Enhanced Resource Center (ERC), two of the first agencies that have deployed Intelligent Virtual Assistants to interact with their consumers as an alternative to live agents, can help you learn to use this technology.

This seminar was sponsored by Interactions Corporation

Gordon Beck III, CEO of DCI
Marty Sarim, CEO of ERC

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