HT Recording: The New Pot of Gold for Owners and Leaders: How to PIVOT

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There's a pot of gold for agencies... if you act now.  This is about courageously rising to the occasion, not being usurious. Learn 3 little known PIVOTS that are producing real-world results. Some will adapt, leverage and profit from the opportunities, others will complain and some will watch them pass by. This seems to be uncharted territory which is forcing us to shift priorities.  But this is actually not unprecedented. There is a pattern. If you learn what to look for and how, you'll also discover how to identify the hidden biases and mistakes that are causing so many leaders to miss this window.  You'll likely leave more energized with a new sense of purpose and able to re-prioritize your time, team and resources. 

 If you lead a company this Hot Topic is for you.  Jon Goldman, CEO of Turning Point, business growth expert and master facilitator, will give you the tools you need to thrive in the wake of the Coronavirus. He and his co-hosts will empower you to create a turning point in your business and life. You’ll learn the key mindsets and action sets needed to PIVOT and thrive during and after the Coronavirus “Negademic”.

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