Litigious Attorneys - MP3 - 12/16

What is a collection agency to do when it is attacked by a consumer lawyer with a bad claim?

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Litigious Attorneys
Recorded: December 8, 2016

Over the past 30 years, the number of lawyers in our country has risen sharply. And while regulations continue to impose higher compliance burdens on debt collection agencies, which increases their cost of doing business, participants in the debt collection industry suffer at the same time big losses because plaintiff’s lawyers view debt collection companies as deep pockets and will sometimes distort, fabricate, and outright lie in their attempts to fleece legitimate and law-abiding debt collectors.

So what is a collection agency to do when it is attacked by a consumer lawyer with a bad claim?

Fortunately, there are ways to fight back against unprofessional and unscrupulous plaintiff’s lawyers who have brought about the onslaught of frivolous and vexatious consumer litigation that has risen at an alarming rate and continues to threaten the collection industry. This seminar will:

  • Discuss challenges relating to aggressive litigation practices, covering situations in which counsel files frivolous claims and motions, makes material misrepresentations to the court or uses dishonest tactics during the course of litigation; and
  • Present an array of appropriate responses and tools to consider and use when dealing with a consumer lawyer who crosses the line and engages in a litigation style that lies outside the bounds of ethical and fair practice.

Jessica Klander, Esq., Attorney, Bassford Remele, Minneapolis, MN
Karen Scheibe Eliason, Corporate Counsel, ACA International, Minneapolis, MN