Guide to the FDCPA Vol. 2, Electronic - 2013, 2014

This is an indispensable reference for managers and attorneys to help determine how the FDCPA applies to specific case scenarios.

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Volume Two: Legal Resource

Learn how the FDCPA applies to specific scenarios with ACA's Guide to the FDCPA Volume Two: Legal Resource. Sections of this legal guide include:

  • Text of the FDCPA
  • Case Summaries
  • FTC Advisory Opinions
  • FTC Informal Staff Letters Index
  • FTC Informal Staff Letters
  • Map of Circuit Courts

Updated with the most current info, highlights include:

  • New analysis on Foti and leaving voicemails from cases such as Zortman and Sussman.
  • Enhanced information regarding collecting out-of-statute accounts.
  • Latest case law.

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Bundle this guide with FDCPA Volume One: Professional Practices and save!