ACA's most popular computer-based training (CBT) CD ROM will keep your collectors abreast of the most current and accurate ways to stay in compliance with the FDCPA.

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ACA's FDCPA Essentials for Collectors CD-ROM training program will provide your collectors with a solid foundation to communicate effectively with consumers and apply those concepts during collection calls.

This substantial redesign of ACA's Fair Debt Collection Practices Act CD is sure to keep your collectors engaged in their training. This CD-ROM features the most crucial aspects collectors need to know about the law and how to apply what they know when communicating with consumers.

View a short overview below (5:33) of ACA's FDCPA Essentials for Collectors.

The 9.1 version includes engagement with the learner through the following modules:

  • Appropriate Third-Party Communications
  • Right-Party Communications
  • Avoiding Harassment and Abuse
  • Avoiding False and Misleading Statements
  • Avoiding Unfair Practices
  • The Danger of Overshadowing
  • Responding to Disputes
  • Cease Communications Request
  • What Could Go Wrong?

The training is approximately 120-minutes in length. Included with your purchase of the FDCPA CBT is a final 30-question practice test, a glossary (pdf), a study guide (pdf) of the FDCPA and a pdf copy of ACA International's Guide to the FDCPA, Volume One: Professional Practices to strengthen your foundation on the FDCPA.

Please Note: The 9.1 version is one of the prerequisites for working toward your Professional Collection Specialist (PCS) designation program. As of June 1, 2011, any old versions will not be accepted for the required training.