FCRA Compliance Guide for Debt Collection

Enjoy a year's access to the electronic eBook version of ACA's FCRA Compliance Guide for Debt Collection, which is updated as needed.

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FCRA Compliance Guide for Debt Collection

Available in electronic eBook access version only.

This go-to guide is a vital source of knowledge-in a new e-book format-with up-to-date details about the underlying regulations that are most pertinent to the business practices of furnishers of information and users of consumer reports.

The new ACA International Compliance Guide for Debt Collection is available now and features important information on the relevant regulatory guidance, court decisions, and consumer reporting agency reforms impacting furnishers of consumer information.

Please see the Table of Contents for your reference.

This version of the Guide is available exclusively by subscription in e-book format. This format ensures current information easily accessible on a computer, tablet and mobile device and lets readers browse through chapters to quickly find needed information.

The FCRA Compliance Guide for Debt Collection is available to all credit and collection professionals, regardless of ACA membership, although members can receive the guide at a discounted rate. If you are not a member of ACA International, visit our membership page for more information on joining the association.

If you're using a desktop computer, you will likely need to download Adobe Digital Editions, which is free software from Adobe. You're likely familiar with Adobe Reader for reading PDF files. Adobe Digital Editions reads EPUB files.

Important Note: This guide features one year of access and frequent updates as needed. For your convenience, after one year initial access, you will be automatically billed for another year-long subscription unless ACA is otherwise notified. You will have 30 days to remit payment before your subscription expires. Also, this electronic reference does not come with a hard copy of the book, but you may print any of the sections from the electronic eBook version.

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