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FCC Declaratory Ruling and Further Notice on Robocall Blocking 

Recorded: June 21, 2019

A declaratory ruling released by the Federal Communications Commission on June 6, which went into immediate effect, will allow voice service providers to block illegal and “unwanted” calls as the default before they reach consumers’ phones. Providers must also provide consumers the opportunity to opt out of the call blocking service.

After extensive advocacy led by ACA International, the ruling contains some critical changes from the draft version released in May. Most notably the addition of paragraph 38 in the ruling directly addresses ACA’s advocacy efforts seeking redress for erroneously blocked calls. While we are pleased that some industry concerns have been addressed, the uncertainty about the process of filing complaints with carriers to seek redress, and whether carriers will inform callers in a timely and efficient way about blocking remain a potential challenge which will be discussed in the webinar. The webinar will also explore concerns that the ruling does not adequately address consumer choice and the wide swath of legal calls that will be swept into requirements to opt-out rather than opt-in.

Mark Brennan, a Partner at Hogan Lovells and experienced advisor to FCC policymaking, Leah Dempsey, Vice President and Senior Counsel at ACA International will discuss how this ruling may impact your ability to complete calls, upcoming opportunities to weigh in on the pending Further Notice of Proposed Rulemaking with the FCC, and the outlook for STIR/SHAKEN.

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