Essential Collection Skills and Techniques (CBT) 2019

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This complete e-course package is online and on a portable Flash Drive, and includes interactive exercises, scenarios, quizzes, a printable study guide, a final quiz, and certificate of completion for users.

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Re-imagined and redesigned to reflect must-have competencies for collectors! This course introduces proven techniques to help you find your “flow”— consistently performing collection calls with positive results. This course emphasizes the importance of developing keen listening skills while applying professional questioning and negotiation techniques to build rapport with consumers, obtain accurate information, and overcome challenges to achieving payment.

The course aligns with ACA’s FDCPA Essentials for the Accounts Receivable Management Industry to provide a comprehensive training experience for newcomers or a solid review of best practices for experienced professionals.

You will receive:

  • The complete e-course package on a portable Flash Drive, including interactive exercises, scenarios, quizzes, a printable study guide, a final quiz, and certificate of completion for users.

About the course:

The course is divided into 2 parts- theory and practice. In Part 1, “The 3 ECSTS,” we establish fundamental communication skills such as developing an assertive and professional voice, learning the Active Listening Technique and how to apply effective questioning strategies. The importance of collector goals and continuous performance improvement aligned with company goals is also emphasized. In Part 2, participants will apply these skills, following the path of a call using the 8 Collection Call Checkpoints.

The course takes approximately 2 hours to complete. Take it all at once or in short modules. User progress is automatically saved.  Users will receive a Certificate of Completion at the end of the course.

Part 1- the 3 ECSTs:

  1. Human Communication is our Business
  2. Build Rapport; Conquer Interference
  3. Ready, Set, Goal! Steps to Success

Part 2: The 8 Collection Call Checkpoints

  1. Verify the Consumer
  2. Identify Yourself
  3. Request Payment in Full
  4. Pause
  5. Ask About and Listen for Challenges
  6. Negotiate Solutions
  7. Confirm Arrangements
  8. Close the Call


Alternative Formats:

This course is also available as an online, instructor-led webinar or in-person training administered by an ACA Trainer Specialist or Certified Instructor at your company.

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