HT Download: Cybersecurity Best Practices Learned from the Equifax Data Breach (11/21/2019)

What did we learn from the Equifax breach?

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Protecting Consumer Credit Data: Cybersecurity Best Practices Learned from the Equifax Data Breach

Sponsored By Equifax

Recorded: November 21, 2019

The theft of millions of consumer records cost Equifax billions of dollars and the trust of many of its customers and end-consumers .  As an organization, Equifax had to contend with how to not only recover from this breach, but emerge as a global expert in information security.  From 2018 to 2020, Equifax is spending an incremental $1.25 billion to transform technology and security into industry-leading capabilities. As the Equifax CEO, Mark Begor stated “To truly transform into an industry leader, we must embed security in everything we do”. 

Today, we help our customers establish best practices for information security by sharing lessons we’ve learned along our journey.  We invite you to participate in this webinar where you’ll learn how you may apply some of these same techniques to help safeguard the data in your care.  Dr Michael Owens, Equifax’s Information Security Officer will be on hand to share these best practices and answer your questions.


Dr. Michael Owens, Information Security Officer, Equifax

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