Virtual Convention 2020 On-Demand: Do's & Don'ts Of Outstanding Client Service

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Amy Canaday - CollectionCenter, Inc.

Selling a service is different than selling a tangible product. When you sell a service, you’re essentially selling a relationship. How do you keep that relationship strong? By providing OUTSTANDING customer service! What happens after the sale is just as important as the events that lead to the sale. In our industry, it can take years to obtain a new client and only seconds to lose one. This interactive session will dive into creative ways in which your agency can provide outstanding client service, meant to engage and retain your existing client base. We’ll cover why customer service is important, the do’s and do not’s of customer service and tips on dealing with a difficult client. Every contact you have with a client either cultivates or corrodes that relationship. Join speaker, Amy Canaday, to learn how to make those contacts count. 

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