Core Recording: Successful Hiring Strategies

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CORE:Successful Hiring Strategies

Whether you are with a small company with a relatively low employee turnover rate or a larger company where people come and go more frequently, one of the realities of running a business is that at some point or another you will need to hire new employees. You will, of course, want to select the most competent candidate from the pool of applicants and choose someone that will fit into and compliment your company culture. This course will prepare you to:

  • Identify the right person to fill the position and objectively choose a candidate.
  • Compose effective, valuable and legal interview questions.
  • Access community and online resources for recruiting.
Course Time and Credit

90 minutes, .75 Professional Development Units.

*Please note, credit will be provided ONLY to individuals who have paid to attend this seminar or those using an ACA Training Zone. Anyone sitting in with a paid participant is not eligible to receive credit. Please save a copy of the self-reporting attendance form in your materials for documentation.

ACA Certified Instructors

This seminar is taught only by ACA Certified Instructors. You can expect top-notch presentations are created by and presented for members. Seminar instructors go through vigorous training to become ACA Certified Instructors and can speak directly to your experiences because they work in our industry.

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