Hot Topics Download: Compliant Convenience Fees (Sponsored By Clear Payments & Payscout) (4/16/2019)

This Sponsored Hot Topic focuses on implementing Convenience Fee payment models correctly.

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Compliant Convenience Fees: Navigating FDCPA, Card-Brand Rules, and State Laws (Sponsored by Clear Payments & Payscout)

Recorded: April. 16, 2019

Convenience Fee payment models are growing in popularity, and for good reason: When applied correctly, they have the ability to reduce a merchant’s payment processing costs significantly by charging the consumer or debtor a flat fee for the convenience of accepting payments online or over the phone. What many collection agencies may not realize is that convenience-fee solutions are the subject of serious scrutiny from compliance experts (and enforcers), and if they’re not properly applied, they can cost the merchant their ability to accept payments altogether. In this webinar, industry leaders in payments and compliance will share best-practices for implementing these solutions while remaining compliant with State Laws, Card-Brand Rules, and FDCPA requirements.


Michael Del Valle, Attorney, The Sessions Firm

Fran Fisher, Business Development Manager, Payscout, Inc.

Julie Kaplan, Vice President of Sales, Clear Payments

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