Hot Topics Download: Compliance Considerations and Litigation Strategies Following ACA v. FCC (5/16/2018)

Explore ongoing practical compliance steps and new litigation approaches you need to protect your business from costly class action TCPA lawsuits.

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Hot Topic: Back to the Future, Back to Basics: Compliance Considerations and Litigation Strategies Following ACA Int'l v. FCC 
Recorded: May 16, 2018

Learn how the ACA International v. Federal Communications Commission, et al. decision affects your business and collection campaigns with ACA’s Corporate Counsel Karen Scheibe Eliason and special guest Christopher Meier, general counsel and chief compliance officer at The CMI Group Inc.

The seminar features tips for ongoing practical compliance steps and new litigation approaches you need to protect your business from costly class action TCPA lawsuits. 

Every time the accounts receivable management industry overcomes a challenge, it is confronted by a new one. This year is no different. While the U.S. Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit provided a welcome relief to businesses by ruling in ACA Int’l v. FCC to reject the FCC’s earlier expansive interpretation of the TCPA, the industry is still currently left to rely on the statute as written without further clarification. 

Scheibe Eliason and Meier will help guide you through what to expect next from the FCC and the courts going forward.

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