Hot Topics Download: Compete Every Day: 7 Steps to Winning at Work (10/3/2019)

Learn what successful competitors do on and off the field of life to create more than just a winning career – but a winning life.

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Compete Every Day - 7 Steps to Winning at Work
Recorded: October 3, 2019

You will learn how successful people stay focused on the important tasks that move their business and life forward instead of being distracted by the immediate.

Learn how to create a daily plan of attack that removes the need for motivation and provides a blueprint process to yield the positive change desired.  Instead of being distracted by the “busy,” learn how to stay focused on the best.

Key Lessons:

*The Importance of Focus

*How to Eat Your Elephant-Sized Goal

*Create Your Accountability

*The Importance of Me vs. Me


Jake Thompson, Chief Encouragement Officer, Compete Every Day, Dallas, TX

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