HT Recording: The Collection Leader’s Guide to the Coronavirus Negademic

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The Collection Leader’s Guide to the Coronavirus Negademic

Recorded 3/24/2020

Speakers: Jon Goldman & Mark Neeb

This info-demic (information epidemic) hysteria is infecting the hearts and minds of your employees, clients, and debtors. It’s sapping your productivity and profitability and is going to get worse unless you learn how to stop it, or at least slow it down. It’s your job as the leader to provide confidence and direction during a time of unpredictability and insecurity. But how?

Fear, anxiety, worry and uncertainty is what most of your people are talking about and absorbing. Most leaders are falling into the trap of negativity and missing the heart of the matter. This workshop is not about the legal or technical do’s and don’ts like washing your hands or whether to travel. It’s about authoring a new narrative of possibility and positivity in your company.

You’ll discover the 3 secret triggers that are spreading negativity and fear. Learn how to turn it around with counter-intuitive methods and how this setback is ultimately a “set up, for a comeback”. Start using a few simple mindset interventions and action-sets that will allow you to thrive, not just survive, in any crisis. Learn how to apply the key strategy that has helped companies turn "Black Swans" and economic downturns into huge opportunities for growth.

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