Buying Receivables - A Portfolio Purchasing Primer

The premier guide on the asset buying industry.

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The premier book on the asset buying industry. Buying Receivables, written with the combined expertise of ACA International's Asset Buyers Division (ABD) Committee and ACA's Legal and Government Affairs Department, is an invaluable resource for today's business environment.

The manual covers all aspects of purchasing debt from the initial financing to the due diligence process and includes a terminology list.

13 chapters provide information on:

  • Benefits to buyers and sellers
  • Steps of the portfolio purchasing process
  • What to consider when purchasing debt
  • Valuing accounts
  • The secondary market in debt sales.
  • Alternate collection techniques
  • Managing risks
  • Financing
  • And much more!

The 2007 edition of Buying Receivables is a great resource for anyone considering becoming involved in the purchase of delinquent receivables. Order your copy today!