Offering suggestions for the drafting process along with sample purchase and sale agreements, it's an invaluable tool for debt-buying professionals.

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A Guide for Understanding Purchase & Sale Agreements
Second Edition

Available in both print and electronic form

Keep up to date with the fast-moving asset buying industry with the second edition of the Asset Buyers Division, A Guide for Understanding Purchase & Sale Agreements.

Created by a group of industry experts and members of ACA's Asset Buyer's Division, this guide provides clarity on some of the common issues that can arise when documenting the purchase and sale of consumer debt.

Plus, you will receive two electronic sample purchase and sale agreements - one for original lenders and one for resale transactions, invaluable tools for debt buying professionals!

You will learn:

  • Critical contract provisions for buyers and sellers.
  • How to structure each sale.
  • How the written contract defines your rights.
  • The differences between representations, warranties and covenants.
  • How indemnification works.
  • The importance of stated standards.
  • Limitations of remedies for breach.
  • The purpose and significance of exhibits and addendums.
  • The effect of specific contractual terms.
  • The role of the Uniform Commercial Code in debt sales.

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