ACA International CEO Mark Neeb Refutes Claims that Debt Collectors are Targeting Economic Stimulus Checks

3/15/2021 9:00

Tags/Topics: News

March 15, 2021 – Washington, D.C. –  ACA International CEO Mark Neeb released a statement today refuting claims that debt collectors are targeting economic stimulus checks.

“ACA members are working hard to contact consumers who have fallen behind in payments to set up flexible plans that bridge the gap while fitting the needs of everyone involved. Our members are uniquely trained to use emergency hardship programs and to help during difficult times, such as what we are experiencing with COVID-19.”

“They are not targeting stimulus payments and, in fact, would have no ability to know if a consumer has a payment deposited into their bank account. Banks and creditors can work with their customers to protect stimulus payments, and ACA supports their efforts to work with those directly impacted by COVID-19.”

“Everyone is struggling, including small medical practices, regional hospitals, and contractors who are having difficulty making payroll and providing for their families. We have made it our mission to find solutions that do not put more stress on consumers but also help keep small businesses afloat, none of which include targeting stimulus checks.”